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The 4M Potato Clock is a fun introductory science kit for kids 8 years and older.

10 science projects that will keep your kid learning when stuck at home

At-home science experiments and projects are a great way for kids to explore STEM subjects. We rounded up 10 fun, engaging kits for kids of all ages.

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Here is the latest news about case totals, death tolls, the economy, and developments around the world.

A 3D printing company is giving away for free its design for a device that allows doors to be opened handsfree — here’s how it works

Belgian company Materialise is giving the design away for free in an effort to fight the spread of coronavirus.
Donald Trump at the daily coronavirus response briefing at the White House on March 23, 2020.

Trump has made it clear he wants to reopen the economy to boost his reelection chances, even if it means more Americans will die

But some of President Donald Trump's most prominent supporters say worsening the pandemic won't help the economy or the president's reelection bid.
Robots in Kochi, India.

How China, the US, and Europe are using robots to replace and help humans fight coronavirus by delivering groceries, sanitizing hospitals, and monitor...

As the outbreak spreads, robots are being used to disinfect, take temperatures, and even prepare food.
Albuterol sulfate inhaler, commonly used in the treatment of asthma as a reduce inhaler for acute asthma attack in San Ramon, California, September 3, 2019.

Hospitals and pharmacies risk running out of inhalers as the coronavirus strains supplies

"If they can't get it, they'll end up in the hospital," said Bruce Goldberg, a community pharmacist.

Thailand has ‘ninja robots’ monitoring COVID-19 patients — take a look

Hospitals in Thailand have modified robots that can monitor patients and take some of the burden off of health professionals.
Healthcare workers must wear protective gear when dealing with patients with an infectious disease.

A 3D printer company is creating medical face shields for doctors and nurses fighting coronavirus — here’s how it works

As hospitals struggle to stock face masks, a 3D-printing business is making hundreds of protective face shields for healthcare workers.
Having a pet comes with mental and physical health benefits.

Pet adoption is spiking amid the coronavirus pandemic. Here are 7 science-backed reasons a pet could be the best thing for your health.

As people practice social distancing, many are discovering the mental and physical health benefits of owning an animal.

Pharma giants Sanofi and Regeneron are now testing out an arthritis drug to treat the coronavirus, starting in New York

The first patients were dosed this week in a clinical trial testing the arthritis drug Kevzara. The companies hope to enroll 400 COVID-19 patients.