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Many retirees in the study didn't ask themselves what they'd do with their newfound free time.

A Harvard psychologist interviewed 120 people in or near retirement — and found that the ones who were happy had built themselves new lives

Retirement is more than money. HBS professor Teresa Amabile tells us about why some retirees feel like they've "leapt into the void."

This 9/11 first responder had his family’s DNA tattooed into his skin so that he’s never alone while undergoing chemotherapy

Former NYPD officer Johnny Walker is dealing with stage 4 colon cancer after responding to the call on September 11, 2001.

The Epstein-funded MIT lab has an ambitious project that purports to revolutionize agriculture. Insiders say it’s mostly smoke and mirrors.

MIT Media Lab staff faked key elements of its "personal food computer" project, insiders told Business Insider. In one instance, staff were told to place herbs grown elsewhere into the boxes.

Everything we know about uBiome, the startup that convinced Silicon Valley that testing poop was worth $600 million, and then filed for bankruptcy ami...

uBiome's test promised insights into your health from a tiny sample of your poop. But problems are mounting for the startup.
India's spacecraft, Chandrayaan-2, at launch in July.

India’s $145 million lunar mission is set to make it just the 4th nation to make a soft landing on the moon, only months after NASA called its a...

If the mission is successful, India will follow in the footsteps of China, Russia, and the US, in making a soft moon landing.
Photo provided by the China National Space Administration (CNSA) on Jan. 4, 2019 shows image of Yutu-2, China's lunar rover, at preset location A on the surface of the far side of the moon.

China found a mysterious ‘gel-like’ substance on the moon’s uncharted far side

Researchers have suggested that the strange substance could be "melt glass," formed from meteorites crashing into the lunar surface.
The northern lights.

The northern lights could be visible throughout the Midwest over Labor Day weekend

From Michigan to Wisconsin, the northern lights could be visible in parts of the midwest over Labor Day Weekend.
On July 13, the first hurricane of the 2019 season, Barry, made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane.

Trump suggested using bombs to fight hurricanes. These 4 graphics show why that would never work.

President Trump has suggested hitting hurricanes with nuclear weapons. But no nuclear bomb is powerful enough to continuously disrupt a hurricane.
From mismatched timelines to Littlefoot's mom, experts spoke with Insider about a few of the missteps the film took when it comes to scientific accuracy.

What ‘The Land Before Time’ got right and wrong, according to experts

Experts spoke with Insider about a few of the missteps the beloved film took when it comes to scientific accuracy.
The Amazon rainforest is burning at a record rate: The Brazilian Amazon has experienced more than 74,000 fires this year, whereas last year's total was around 40,000.

Striking photos show the devastation wreaked by record-breaking fires in the Amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is burning at a record rate due to deforestation and hot, dry conditions exacerbated by climate change.