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Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he made one simple change that helps him avoid becoming addicted to his iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the folks at Apple "don't want people using their phones all the time. This is never been an objective for us."
Apple's Screet Time feature and similar efforts don't address the underlying problem of attention manipulation, said Tristan Harris, one of the tech industry's leading critics.

One of the tech industry’s leading critics says Apple and Google’s new ‘screen time’ features will never work because they ign...

Tristan Harris applauds the industry for focusing on customers' well-being, but he thinks Apple's Screen Time and like efforts are "under-informed."
But it's not all bad news.

I’ve cut back on screen time by following a strict phone routine, and it’s made my mornings more efficient and productive

I follow a strict phone routine each morning, which allows me to save time and get better prepared for the day while not giving up my phone entirely.
The author, pictured above, put her phone on airplane mode for an entire workweek.

I put my phone on airplane mode for an entire week to see if I could make it — and was surprised by how hard it was to reprogram my brain

I kept track of how many times I tried checking my phone, even though there was nothing to check.
Researchers followed 2,441 children over a five-year span and found that those who used screens more often at ages 2 and 3 had significant developmental delays between the ages of 3 and 5.

A new study suggests screen time could delay children’s communication, motor, and problem-solving skills

A new JAMA study found that too much screen time could delay the development of motor, communication, and problem-solving skills in young children.

5 ways you can help your kids balance screen time with healthy sleep

Follow these tips to help you and your kids establish a routine that allows for a healthy balance between technology and sleep.
A study of more than 11,000 American children found more than 2 hours of screen time a day can do major damage.

A researcher says kids should actually start using screens sooner in life, despite what you’ve been told

While some research has suggested too much screen time is bad for children, one researcher believes kids should actually use screens earlier in life.
Research is inconclusive about the effects of screen time on the growing brain.

A parenting blogger shared a photo of her son using her phone at a restaurant and told people to ‘mind your own motherhood’

Screen time often keeps kids occupied on outings. Parenting blogger Kristina Kuzmic says there's nothing wrong with that.
A ten-year-old boy uses a tablet in 2011 in the UK.

Leading doctors say there is little medical evidence for limiting screen time for kids, even though a major study disagrees

Guidance from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health said evidence that time in front of a screen harms children is 'often overstated.'