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Apple has performed a U-turn on Mobile Device Management tech.

Apple backtracks massively, allowing apps to use a technology it called ‘highly invasive’ just weeks ago

Apple could let screen-time-control apps use Mobile Device Management tech in some cases after removing them from the App Store earlier this year.
A group of app-makers behind parental screen-time apps are taking on Apple.

A group of tiny app makers have banded together to challenge the might of Apple

In April, The New York Times reported Apple was cracking down on screen-time apps after releasing its own 'Screen Time' tool.
The internet is a wild place. Filter what your kid sees on an iPad with the device's "Screen Time" feature.

How to use the ‘Screen Time’ feature on an iPad to customize and set parental controls for your children

The internet is a wild place. Here's how to set parental controls on your child's iPad, and customize which apps and features they're able to access.
Apple's iPhone XS

The next major iPhone update coming this fall will make Apple’s apps much more useful, report says

Apple's iOS 13 update will bring new features to the company's iPhone apps such as Reminders, Health, and iMessage, a new report says.
Apple says it pulled screen time apps for privacy reasons.

Apple says it pulled a bunch of screen-time apps because they were using ‘highly invasive’ technology

Apple claims it removed the apps because it discovered they were using a technology called MDM, which it described as 'highly invasive.'
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he made one simple change that helps him avoid becoming addicted to his iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the folks at Apple "don't want people using their phones all the time. This is never been an objective for us."
Apple's Screet Time feature and similar efforts don't address the underlying problem of attention manipulation, said Tristan Harris, one of the tech industry's leading critics.

One of the tech industry’s leading critics says Apple and Google’s new ‘screen time’ features will never work because they ign...

Tristan Harris applauds the industry for focusing on customers' well-being, but he thinks Apple's Screen Time and like efforts are "under-informed."
But it's not all bad news.

I’ve cut back on screen time by following a strict phone routine, and it’s made my mornings more efficient and productive

I follow a strict phone routine each morning, which allows me to save time and get better prepared for the day while not giving up my phone entirely.
The author, pictured above, put her phone on airplane mode for an entire workweek.

I put my phone on airplane mode for an entire week to see if I could make it — and was surprised by how hard it was to reprogram my brain

I kept track of how many times I tried checking my phone, even though there was nothing to check.