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If you feel down in the summer you might suffer from ‘summer seasonal affective disorder’ — here are the signs

People often think seasonal affective disorder strikes in the winter. This is often true, but people can be affected by it in summer too, with Summer SAD. Here's how to know if you're affected.
That succulent is the only plant to survive the frail light in our apartment. Hence the HappyLight to help both me and my plants combat the "winter blues."

This $80 lamp has helped me cope with the winter blues at home by emitting light that mimics the sun

Seasonal depression affects millions of people, but therapy lights that mimic the sun can be a helpful treatment. Here's why I like the Verilux HappyLight Touch lamp.
Vitamin D lamps are becoming more popular.

Everything you need to know about using Vitamin D lamps to combat seasonal affective disorder

As we get deeper into winter, more and more people become vitamin D deficient. But are lamps the answer? We asked an expert.
December 21 is the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

The darkest day of the year is here — here are some science-backed ways to fight winter blues

Psychologists debate whether Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real. But they agree on a few ways to maintain mental health in the dark of winter.
Me and my lamp.

I tried a lamp that’s supposed to make you feel happy in the winter, but I didn’t notice any change

SAD lamps are used to treat seasonal depression. I tried one for a month and didn't love it, though it did provide good lighting for makeup.
Getting outside in the sun and spending time with friends are both ways to help combat the winter blues.

A psychologist reveals 3 simple ways to feel happier during dark winter days

The shortest day of the year is upon us. Here's how to survive the next three months of dark, cold days, according to an expert on seasonal affective disorder.
Feeling down in winter could be a sign of a real condition.

People with seasonal affective disorder could be more at risk of becoming alcoholics — here’s why

Cold, dark days can lead to people seeking comfort in food and alcohol.

I moved to one of the world’s cloudiest cities and nothing has helped my mood as much as this light

A light box seems to help me sleep and boost my mood. Exposure to natural light may also offer health benefits to those without Seasonal Affective Disorder.