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Seahawks rookie with one hand and the best story in the draft has already cashed in with 4 major endorsements and tons of media requests

Shaquem Griffin was taken in the fifth round of the NFL Draft by the Seattle Seahawks. Unlike most late-round picks, Griffin's inspiring story has already earned some big endorsements and a ton of media requests from around the world.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just put your weekend to shame — and it includes a shoutout from The Rock

Jeff Bezos is just like you or me, aside from his $119 billion net worth.

Seahawks sign little-known QB the day after they appeared to get cold feet over scheduled meeting with Colin Kaepernick

The Seahawks have signed Stephen Morris, and the move is raising eyebrows around the football world.

The Seahawks reportedly ‘postponed’ a meeting with Colin Kaepernick after he said he wouldn’t stop kneeling during the national anth...

The Seahawks reportedly wanted assurance that Colin Kaepernick would not kneel during the national anthem next season and he would not commit.

The Rams are going all-in by using a built-in advantage that once allowed the Seahawks to dominate

The Rams' offseason has included several splashy trades and signings the team can afford for only two more years.
Seattle Seahawks players kneel and sit on the bench prior to an NFL match in November, 2017.

A fan abused a Seattle Seahawks player for kneeling during the national anthem — but he didn’t even kneel

A woman hurled vile abuse at two Seattle Seahawks players for taking part in the kneeling protest. However, one of them never actually protested.

Richard Sherman has been cut as the Seahawks continue their teardown

The Seattle Seahawks are set to release one of the faces of their franchise as they continue a dramatic offseason overhaul.

The Seahawks are reportedly trading Michael Bennett and appear to be on the verge of a full tear-down

The Seattle Seahawks' aging defensive core appears to be nearing its end after Michael Bennett was traded and rumors surround Richard Sherman.

Richard Sherman rails against the NFL’s pre-draft process and explains why some of the combine is ‘outdated’

Richard Sherman said that the NFL pre-draft process is often off-target and "experts" don't get held accountable for making wrong predictions.

NFL Week 17 playoff scenarios — It is 6 teams for 3 spots

There's still plenty left to be settled before the NFL postseason can get started next week — here are the six teams still fighting for a spot in the playoffs.