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These Amazon jobs all earn over $90,000.

17 high-paying jobs Amazon’s HQ2 could bring to Long Island City and Arlington

Amazon has promised that HQ2 will bring more than 50,000 high-paying jobs across New York City and Arlington, Virginia.

‘I’d call those branch offices’: Seattle mayor skewers Amazon’s reported plans to split its HQ2 between 2 cities

Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan said that reports that Amazon is planning to split its HQ2 between two locations "would be good news" for her city.

Seattle wants to build a $3 million ‘mega tent’ for the homeless amid a crackdown on illegal camps

Seattle is deciding whether to build a $3 million "mega tent" for homeless residents. It could be a solution to the city's homelessness crisis.

Amazon is growing a massive, foul-smelling ‘corpse flower’ at its indoor rainforest — and it just bloomed for the first time ever

Amazon welcomed visitors into the Spheres indoor rainforest over the weekend to see a rare corpse flower named Morticia in bloom. The flower is 6 feet tall, and only blooms about once every seven years.
In the past September, rents declined on an annual basis in more than half of the nation's 35 largest markets, the first time in six years, according to data from Zillow.

Rents are falling the fastest in these 11 cities

Renting is getting less expensive for people living in the US's largest metropolitan areas. In September, rents declined on an annual basis in more than half of the nation's 35 largest markets, according to data from Zillow.

I visited the Amazon Spheres, an indoor rainforest in the heart of Seattle — here’s what it’s like inside

As part of Amazon's new $4 billion headquarters in Seattle, it built the Spheres: a thriving rainforest enclosed in massive glass domes. We visited the Spheres during a recent trip to the city to check out the 40,000 plants growing inside.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is launching a $2 billion fund to support homeless families and education using Amazon’s methods

The Bezos Day One Fund will focus on creating resources for the homeless as well as a full-scholarship preschool program.

Seattle plans to spend $12 million on prefab homes for the homeless, and it’s not the first wealthy tech city to do it

Seattle and King County have teamed up on a proposal to build prefabricated homes for nearly 200 homeless residents, signaling a growing trend among wealthy tech cities.
Richard Russell, who liked to be called Beebo, is seen in an undated video from his YouTube channel.

The airline employee who stole a plane from the Seattle airport and fatally crashed onto a small island was not a licensed pilot

The airline ground agent who stole a plane, took off from Sea-Tac Airport and crashed into a small island in the Puget Sound was not a licensed pilot, officials said Saturday. The man, identified as Richard Russell, was a 3.5-year Horizon Airlines employee and had clearance to be among aircraft.