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Goldman Sachs files to create an unprecedented type of ETF that will keep certain details secret

The ETF could benefit from its lack of transparency, Goldman wrote, as it would likely face a lower risk of traders copying its investment strategy.
WeWork cofounder and former CEO Adam Neumann.

WeWork’s biggest Chinese rival is reportedly planning to go public in the US this year

Ucommune, valued at $2.6 billion about a year ago, has filed a confidential IPO prospectus with the SEC, Reuters reported.
The chain employs 413,000 people.

8 mind-blowing facts about Home Depot’s business

Home Depot first opened its doors in Atlanta back in 1978. It has grown to become one of the most dominant forces in the home improvement industry.

A Slack director is in hot water with the SEC for saying the company, which just filed to go public, ‘will be one of the most important tech com...

Slack says one of its directors made "unauthorized statements" which may violate "quiet period" rules in its IPO.

MUSK FILES HIS DEFENSE: Says SEC seeks to violate his First Amendment rights and its filing ‘smacks of retaliation and censorship’

The Securities and Exchange Commission gave Tesla CEO Elon Musk time to argue he was not in contempt of court — now Musk has fired back defiantly.
Elon Musk.

Someone launched a ‘Save Elon’ online store selling tote bags and bathing suits to raise money for Elon Musk after the SEC sued him

Someone launched a website selling merchandise to raise money for Tesla CEO Elon Musk after he was sued by the SEC. The Shopify store sells tote bags, bathing suits, T-shirts and coffee mugs all with the goal to "Save Elon from the SEC."

Sonos S-1 reveals more than half of Sonos households own more than one Sonos speaker — and 27% of them own more than three

The SEC filing revealed some figures that indicated a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, but a major caveat is that the company relies on its biggest competitors — Google, Apple, and Amazon — to make its products work.