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A care home created a plastic ‘happiness bubble’ to let residents safely see and touch their family again

Loved ones who haven't seen or touched each other in months can now do so safely through the plastic sheet.

Senior citizens have the highest rates of voter turnout but coronavirus could change the game and keep older voters home

Senior citizens are a vital voting bloc, but the CDC has recommended they avoid crowded locations — like polling places.
Intergenerational living at Watkins, an assisted living residence in Winona, Minnesota

Colleges are creating intergenerational living programs because they benefit both seniors and students

Intergenerational living is "imperative" for a healthy community and healthy country, especially when people are living longer lives, one expert said.
Students from Winona state University in Winona, have moved into Senior Living at Watkins, an assisted living facility, as they take on their next semester.

Senior citizens in Minnesota now share their living space with a surprising band of roommates: College students

Students from Winona State University have moved into Senior Living at Watkins, an assisted living facility, as they begin their next semester.
Many retirees in the study didn't ask themselves what they'd do with their newfound free time.

A Harvard psychologist interviewed 120 people in or near retirement — and found that the ones who were happy had built themselves new lives

Retirement is more than money. HBS professor Teresa Amabile tells us about why some retirees feel like they've "leapt into the void."
America's elderly spend more time on screens than America's youth.

Millennials and Gen Z love their technology — but American seniors are actually spending the most time on their screens

TV explains the screen-use gap between American seniors and younger generations — the former spends about four hours more a day with the TV on.
There are good moments too.

Forget retirement: Senior citizens are founding small businesses, and research shows more of them are likely to succeed than young entrepreneurs

For some seniors, retirement is an opportunity to learn how to start their own small business, and they're doing it at New York's Senior Planet.
Seraphina Galante

3 million senior citizens in the US are still paying off their student loans

Americans aged 60 and older owe more than $86 billion in unpaid student loans, according to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) data.
Fast food chains are recruiting at churches and through AARP.

Forget teenagers: Fast food joints across the US are hiring senior citizens, and it’s thanks to 2 major demographic trends

Fast food chains across the US are hiring senior citizens instead of teenagers, thanks to a shortage of workers and the fact that more Americans are working past age 65.
They visited the Golden Temple.

A pilot from India gave back to his village by taking 22 of its senior citizens on a plane ride

After he became a pilot, Vikas Jyani made sure that 22 residents from his village — ages 70 and up — got to experience the magic of flying. The group traveled from from New Delhi to Amritsar and Golden Temple to the Wagah Border.