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The one mistake monogamous couples make when considering polyamory, according to a sex researcher

People who use polyamory to repair a relationship issue like an affair could make their relationship worse.
A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that negative orgasm experiences can be caused by factors such as social identity and external pressure.

Orgasming isn’t always a good thing, and can even happen during ‘bad’ sex

Social pressures, identify, and feeling pressured to orgasm all factor into what researchers are calling a negative orgasm experience.
Loving your partner doesn't mean being possessive of them.

People who think they’d be too jealous in an open relationship may have bigger problems

While open relationships aren't for everyone, envy isn't a good reason to write them off, a relationship researcher said.
People sext to get what they want, but that's not always sex.

Two-thirds of people who sext their partners don’t want sex as the end goal

New research found that sexting is used as a tool to communicate interest in sex as well as other relationship needs.
Common themes like self-care, support groups, and therapy were the most helpful ways women coped with and moved forward from sexual trauma.

Sexual trauma victims said self-care and support groups were some of the most helpful methods for healing

A new study found that yoga, journaling, and volunteer work, among other tools, were the most effective ways women healed from sexual trauma.
On "Broad City," sex therapist Betty helped Ilana when she couldn't orgasm.

Most women don’t orgasm consistently, and it may be because they can’t quiet their minds

A new study found that most women report trouble climaxing because their racing thoughts prevent them from relaxing and enjoying the pleasure.
81% said they fantasized about being in an open relationship at least once before.

Most people have fantasized about being in a polyamorous relationship, according to new research

New research suggests the majority of people have some interest in open relationships and people who act on their interests have positive experiences.
41% of the men said they sent an unsolicited dick pic to someone who was not a current partner at least once before.

Men who send unwanted pictures of their penises tend to have low self-esteem, according to research

Research has suggested men who send unsolicited images of their genitals also tend to have narcissistic traits like exaggerated self-importance.
Checking out your date ahead of time is common.

Teens girls who sext may be more likely to be depressed and anxious

An ongoing study found a link between sexting and negative mental health consequences, but frequency of sexting didn't seem to matter.
Your concern about your own sexual health is valid. With the right help, you'll have the answer you're looking for very soon.

I bleed every time I have sex, but it’s not painful. Should I be concerned?

The causes of vaginal bleeding after sex are almost never normal, but they're also almost always treatable, a gynecologist said.