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Hollywood sex scenes make having an orgasm seem like a breeze when, in reality, it's not.

4 ways you could increase your chances of having an orgasm

Mental blocks, lack of communication, and other factors can affect a person's ability to orgasm during sex. Here's what a sex therapist says could help.

Someone created a $57 button that silently lets your partner know you want sex, and the internet is stunned

LoveSync is the "only set of buttons designed to get you laid," the Kickstarter fundraising campaign promises.
Justin and Hailey Bieber got engaged after less than one month of dating.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin revealed that one reason they got married so quickly is because they were waiting to have sex

In Vogue's newest cover story, the pop star revealed that when he and the model began dating, he was in the midst of a self-imposed celibacy.
You don't have to justify your virginity to anyone.

7 important pieces of advice for dating as a virgin

From how to tell your partner to when to let them know, here's some dating advice for virgins in their 20s and beyond.
My matchmaker gave me some interesting new priorities in finding a partner.

I went to a matchmaker and her advice changed what I look for in a partner

Consulting with a matchmaker helped me learn that the way I was looking for a boyfriend just wasn't working.

12 things that happen in your brain when you have an orgasm

From suppressing pain to activating your brain's reward pathways, here are 12 surprising things that happen in your brain during orgasm.
A cultural shift in pre-marital sex, better birth control access, and online dating should, in theory, make it easier for people to have more sex than generations prior, and yet, the number of people having sex is at an all-time low.

9 things to try if you and your partner are sexually incompatible

From seeing a sex therapist to simply communicating, there are things you can try if you're in a sexually incompatible relationship.
There are plenty of reasons to have sex.

11 ways sex can make you healthier

From ensuring you get a good night's sleep to working as a natural pain reliever, having sex can help with a host of health issues.
You may notice a few things happening after sex.

10 science-backed ways to help with erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most commonly treated sexual disorders. Here are 10 science-backed ways to help with erectile dysfunction.
It's likely your sex life can continue normally while pregnant.

9 myths about having sex while pregnant, debunked

A lot of the risks associated with pregnancy and sex are myths that can be debunked. Here are a few of them.