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Nicolle Wallace, the host of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House"

How Nicolle Wallace went from a top GOP operative to a stranger in her own party

Nicolle Wallace, a former top GOP operative and now an MSNBC host, has become a 'clarion call for decency' in the Trump era, and a voice for disaffected women.
Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon warns that women are going to ‘take charge of society’

Steve Bannon is reportedly terrified of the #MeToo movement — and thinks Oprah poses an existential threat to President Donald Trump.
"I could hardly feed myself, but I found my passion," says Erika Nardini, pictured.

What the CEO of Barstool Sports says to people who call the site ‘sexist’

Erika Nardini, the CEO of Barstool Sports, says the company is "intentionally not PC" and "our guys just want to do things that are funny."
Toby Young and Boris Johnson

These Boris Johnson articles about ‘hot totty’ and ‘tank-topped bumboys’ show why he defended Toby Young

Exclusive: Business Insider went through his journalistic archives, much of which is offline, and found these examples of Johnson's attitudes to women and gay people.

Silicon Valley’s elite throw secretive, drug-fueled sex parties where young women can feel pressured to participate

In a new excerpt from her new book, "Brotopia," the Bloomberg reporter Emily Chang details the sex parties that are becoming the new norm in Silicon Valley.
GOP Sen. Susan Collins.

Top GOP senator Susan Collins says media coverage of her tax bill negotiations has been ‘unbelievably sexist’

"I cannot believe that the press would have treated another senator with 20 years of experience as they have treated me," Susan Collins said.

Boston Globe report alleges ESPN has a culture of sexism and sexual misconduct against women

Accounts from multiple former ESPN employees show the challenges and concerns women faced while working for the Worldwide Leader.

Former NFL Network reporter says a hiring manager asked during her interview if she planned on ‘getting knocked up immediately like the rest of ...

One day after a lawsuit accusing current and former NFL Network employees of sexual misconduct, Lindsay McCormick said she experience sexism at the network.