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Kobe Bryant says he’s ‘disappointed’ to be removed from animated-film festival panel over 2003 sexual-assault allegations

An animated film festival scheduled for this weekend in Los Angeles has removed retired NBA star Kobe Brant from its panel of judges. The move comes after a petition emerged, citing a 2003 sexual assault allegation against Bryant.
An activist holds a #MeToo sign in Washington, DC. The S****y Media Men list emerged as the #MeToo movement was growing.

A writer named on a Google spreadsheet of media men accused of sexual misconduct is suing the woman who created it

Writer Stephen Elliott has filed a defamation suit against the author of a list that named him among male media figures accused of sexual harassment and assault. Journalist Moira Donegan came forward in January as the author of the "S----y Media Men" list.

#MeToo founder Tarana Burke says there is a ‘collective disappointment and frustration’ in the US following Brett Kavanaugh’s Suprem...

Tarana Burke, the founder of the #MeToo movement, says people in the US feel “collective disappointment and frustration” over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation after facing sexual assault and misconduct allegations.
Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing

Teens voice their anger and shock over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation

Teen girls have expressed their shock, disappointment and rage over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. INSIDER spoke to several high school students about their feelings about Kavanaugh, who was accused of sexually assaulting Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when they were teenagers.
Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers say she hasn't been able to move home due to death threats over her testimony against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Christine Blasey Ford still can’t live at home because of ‘unending’ death threats after her Kavanaugh testimony, lawyers say

Christine Blasey Ford has not been able to return home because of death threats she has received since accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, her lawyers said. Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee in September that she was forced to leave her home with her family.
Michael Avenatti.

‘I had every right to come forward’: Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick says she’s ‘disgusted and appalled’ by those who c...

Julie Swetnick, who has accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, fired back at her critics in a statement on Sunday, saying they have "re-victimized" her. A number of Democrats have dismissed her allegations — and her attorney Michael Avenatti — as a "distraction."

Trump says he’s ‘a hundred percent’ certain that Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford named the wrong person

President Donald Trump told reporters on Saturday he was "a hundred percent" certain that Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, had got the wrong man. Ford testified before the Senate that she was certain Kavanaugh was her attacker.

Juventus backs Ronaldo over rape allegations, says his reputation is not changed by ‘events allegedly dating back to almost 10 years ago’

Juventus F.C. tweeted support for Cristiano Ronaldo on Thursday following a report that re-surfaced rape allegations from 2009 against the star soccer player.
Brett Kavanaugh testified in front of the Senate Judiciary committee over sexual assault allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford.

Senators are reading the FBI report on Kavanaugh — but they get only get a single copy to read, in one-hour shifts, under intense security

Senators are reading the FBI's report on sexual-misconduct allegations made against Brett Kavanaugh. Officials want to keep its content private, with only a single copy available in a secure room in one-hour shifts. One senator said the system is so 'swamped' that some may have to read it on Friday.
Brett Kavanaugh.

The FBI reportedly interviewed only 9 people about the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh and ignored his drinking habits

The FBI interviewed nine people in its investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee, The New York Times reported. An official briefed on the inquiry said it did not closely examine Kavanaugh's drinking habits despite differing accounts.