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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook won’t force employees to settle sexual harassment claims privately thanks to the Google walkout protests

Facebook changed its company policy to eliminate required arbitration a day after Google made the same change.
Riot Games has vowed to change its culture after allegations of sexual discrimination.

The company behind one of the biggest video games in the world was just slammed with a lawsuit alleging its ‘bro-culture’ created a sexist...

The 'League of Legends' developer Riot Games faces a class-action lawsuit from women who claim it promoted sexual harassment and discrimination.

Sundar Pichai is ending Google’s once famous partying culture by limiting drinking at work and threatening ‘more onerous actions’

Google says it will hold managers responsible for discouraging excessive drinking, not just in the office, but at any event.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

One of Google’s new sexual-harassment policies could be the key to changing all of Silicon Valley’s bro culture

Forcing employees to sign arbitration agreements forbidding them to sue the company is one of the key ways a company can keep its dirty laundry secret.
Richard DeVaul, who cofounded Alphabet's Project Loon, has left the company following sexual misconduct allegations.

An executive with Google’s parent company resigns with no severance after sexual misconduct allegations come to light

Richard DeVaul's departure comes less than a week after he was named in a New York Times report on Alphabet's handling of sexual misconduct charges.
Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet, which is in the middle of a leadership crisis.

It’s become increasingly clear that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, needs new leadership

Even as the controversies pile up, Alphabet CEO Larry Page remains absent from public view.
Google employees led by Kiwobe Allaire, left, and Tory Voight protest the company's handling of sexual misconduct allegations following a walkout at the company's headquarters in Mountain View on Thursday.

Google’s famous Googleplex headquarters was the epicenter for its worldwide walkout over gender discrimination — here’s what it was ...

Hundreds of Google employees at the company's main campus in Mountain View, California, took part in Thursday's walkout.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks with reporters at the 2018 I/O developer conference

Google employees are reportedly planning a walkout this week in protest of the recent sexual misconduct revelations

More than 200 Google employees are planning a walkout to protest the company's handling of sexual misconduct allegations, according to a Buzzfeed report.
Fashion billionaire Sir Philip Green in London in 2014.

Angry shoppers are threatening to boycott Topshop after its billionaire owner is accused of sexual harassment

Philip Green, the British billionaire behind Topshop, has been accused of sexual harassment. Now, shoppers are threatening to boycott his brands.
Theresa Joy wears a t-shirt that says "If you're not outraged you're not paying attention."

These 15 women opened up about their sexual assault experiences thanks to the #metoo campaign

At the Women's Convention in Detroit last year, women shared their stories of sexual assault and harassment. Here are their powerful statements of #MeToo.