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9 members of Congress who were forced out of office by sexual misconduct scandals

Nine members of the 115th US Congress have had to step down after allegations of sexual misconduct against them became public — four Democrats and five Republicans. This wave of scandals coincided with the #MeToo movement, a national conversation on workplace sexual harassment.

Tech employees at Salesforce, Airbnb, Microsoft and other top companies say they’ve seen or experienced sexual harassment

According to a poll from anonymous chat app Blind, sexual harassment in the tech industry isn't rampant, but it isn't rare either.
Spotted Pig employees said Friedman, pictured on the right, created a hyper-sexualized culture at the restaurant.

One of New York’s most famous restaurateurs is being accused of sexual harassment after throwing wild parties in what became known as ‘the...

Spotted Pig owner Ken Friedman is taking a leave of absence after being accused of sexual harassment.
Mario Batali.

Celebrity chef Mario Batali is stepping back from his restaurant empire after allegations of groping and inappropriate sexual conduct

The celebrity chef Mario Batali has stepped back from running his restaurant empire after multiple allegations of groping and sexual misconduct.

Woman says she was called ‘mentally unstable’ after accusing Rep. John Conyers of abusive behavior

A former staffer of Democratic Rep. John Conyers Jr. has come forward to allege the top lawmaker of inappropriate and abusive behavior.
Actor Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey gets dropped by his agent and publicist after ‘House of Cards’ employees accuse him of sexual harassment and assault

Eight people who worked on Netflix's "House of Cards" have accused the show’s lead actor, Kevin Spacey, of sexual harassment or assault, CNN reported Thursday.
Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein is reportedly going to rehab for sex addiction — here’s what that means

Harvey Weinstein is reportedly heading to rehab for sex addiction, after accusations of rape and sexual harassment. Here's what rehab can do.
Harvey Weinstein has been ousted from his own company.

How Harvey Weinstein built the $150 million Hollywood empire that just fired him

Harvey Weinstein, the film producer who founded Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company, built an empire from scratch out of Buffalo, New York.
Rose McGowan.

Rose McGowan reportedly reached a $100,000 settlement with Harvey Weinstein in 1997

Actress Rose McGowan reached a $100,000 settlement with film mogul Harvey Weinstein in 1997, according to a bombshell New York Times report.

Ashley Judd has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment as part of a bombshell NYT report

The New York Times reports that twenty years ago, Weinstein invited actress Ashley Judd to a hotel for what Judd thought would be a professional meeting.