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Former Barclays executive Richard Boath

A senior Barclays executive was terrified that the bank’s financial crisis-era Qatari deals looked corrupt

Barclays executives worried in 2008 that if people found out about the bank's payments to Qatari investors, they would think the deals were a 'bung.'
Former Barclays CEO John Varley

Barclays executives were ‘rumbled’ by Qataris during payment negotiations, jury hears on day 3 of trial in London

Then-CEO John Varley and three other executives are facing accusations they misled investors during the bank's crisis-era capital-raising efforts.
Former Barclays CEO John Varley

Fraud trial kicks off for former Barclays CEO, who could face 10 years in prison for events around the 2008 financial crisis

Early trial proceedings begin for ex Barclays CEO John Varley. It's part of the UK's first criminal case pursuing senior bankers for crisis-era events.
The author enjoying a cocktail at the United Airlines Polaris Lounge at San Francisco International Airport.

The new luxury airport lounge at San Francisco’s airport has a full bar, nap pods, and 492 power outlets — take a look inside

United Airlines has raised the curtain on its new business-class lounge at San Francisco International Airport, called Polaris. Take a look inside.

‘Give me 10 minutes. That was enough time for me to get out of the compound and lose the tail’: How a whistleblower escaped Saudi Arabia a...

Whistleblower Ian Foxley alleges he found evidence of corruption and bribery in a multi-billion pound GPT (now Airbus) project in Saudi Arabia.
South African President Jacob Zuma.

South Africa corruption inquiry: UK regulators asked to probe possible bank involvement

Lord Peter Hain wrote to the Chancellor last month about his concerns after whistleblowers came to him. He does not accuse the banks of wrongdoing.
Former Tesco executives John Scouler, Carl Rogberg, and Christopher Bush are on trial at Southwark Crown Court.

‘It has broken me’: Tesco accounting scandal ‘compromised’ staff and sparked resignations

Two staff in Tesco's commercial finance team "felt so compromised by the misrecording of profits" that they resigned in 2014, a court heard on Tuesday.
Former Tesco executives John Scouler, Carl Rogberg and Christopher Bush are on trial at Southwark Crown Court

Ex-Tesco executives ‘connived and manipulated figures’ to cover up £250 million accounting black hole, court told

Prosecutors said the three bosses told staff to "pull forward" projected income to cover up accounting holes and meet financial targets.
Two Afren executives have been charged.

Former bosses of collapsed London-listed oil company Afren charged with $400 million fraud

The Serious Fraud Office has charged the former CEO and COO with fraud and money laundering.

‘This is not a standard situation:’ Read the emails between Rio Tinto executives that sparked a corruption investigation

Leaked emails between top Rio Tinto executives shows discussions about a multimillion dollar payment made to a consultant with ties to the Guinean President.