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These dragon eggs are available for Easter in the UK.

9 ‘Game of Thrones’-themed food and drink products you can buy

Between sigil-embossed Oreo cookies, "Game of Thrones" whisky, and more, fans will have plenty of snacks and drinks to choose from.

8 cool shop experiences in Jewel Changi Airport that you won’t find anywhere else in Singapore

In all, the 10-storey mall houses over 280 shops and eateries. Here are the most exciting ones.
Starting now for a limited time, the burger joint will offer a "Dracarys Burger" and a "Dragonglass Shake" exclusively at its Madison Square Park location.

Shake Shack now has a secret ‘Game of Thrones’ menu, but it comes with a catch

Shake Shake will offer a "Dracarys Burger" and a "Dragonglass Shake" exclusively at its Madison Square Park location for a limited time.
Though other people's drinks were more pink, my cherry blossom shake looked a little different to what was advertised.

I tried Shake Shack’s new millennial-pink cherry blossom shake, but it wasn’t what I expected

Shake Shack's cherry blossom shake looked ready-made for Instagram, and the flavors piqued my interest, so I headed out to try it.

Shake Shack doesn’t expect much same-store sales growth this year

Shake Shack reported quarterly earnings after Monday's closing bell and said it doesn't see much same-store sales growth.
I pitted Shake Shack (left) and Chick-fil-A (right) against each other for a chicken nugget showdown.

Shake Shack’s new chicken nuggets will soon be served nationwide. Here’s how they stack up next to the ones served at Chick-fil-A.

Shake Shack is adding Chick'n Bites to its menu for a limited time. I tried them next to Chick-fil-A nuggets for the ultimate chicken nugget showdown.
Shake Shack's Shack Burger.

Shake Shack is giving away free burgers this week. Here’s how to get one.

Shake Shack is giving away free burgers during a promotion that starts December 26 and ends January 2.
Fast-food burger's won't be boring after these upgrades.

6 of the best fast-food burgers, according to chefs

Everyone has their preferences for the best fast-food hamburger, but we asked the real experts — chefs — for their take on the treat.
Joe Ariel and Danny Meyer.

Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer reveals why he believes delivery is an increasingly powerful force in the restaurant industry

Danny Meyer, founder of Shake Shack and CEO of Union Square Hospitality, is betting on delivery. "When you have companies like Amazon and Uber in the game ... it's hard to imagine that this is going to turn back at any time soon," Meyer said.
Shake Shack's Innovation Kitchen will have a rotating menu of new items.

Take a look inside the kitchen where Shake Shack is developing new creations like black sesame shakes and cold brew matcha lattes

Shake Shack is opening up a new test kitchen and restaurant in NYC's West Village, where it will test new menu items like Piggie Shack Burger and Eel Burger and allow customers to give feedback on their favorites. See inside the new kitchen.