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Fast-food burger's won't be boring after these upgrades.

6 of the best fast-food burgers, according to chefs

Everyone has their preferences for the best fast-food hamburger, but we asked the real experts — chefs — for their take on the treat.
I pitted Shake Shack (left) and Chick-fil-A (right) against each other for a chicken nugget showdown.

I tried Shake Shack and Chick-fil-A’s chicken nuggets to see which are better, and there was a clear winner

Since Shake Shack has added Chick'n Bites to its menu, I put them to the test next to Chick-fil-A nuggets in the ultimate chicken nugget showdown.
Joe Ariel and Danny Meyer.

Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer reveals why he believes delivery is an increasingly powerful force in the restaurant industry

Danny Meyer, founder of Shake Shack and CEO of Union Square Hospitality, is betting on delivery. "When you have companies like Amazon and Uber in the game ... it's hard to imagine that this is going to turn back at any time soon," Meyer said.
Shake Shack's Innovation Kitchen will have a rotating menu of new items.

Take a look inside the kitchen where Shake Shack is developing new creations like black sesame shakes and cold brew matcha lattes

Shake Shack is opening up a new test kitchen and restaurant in NYC's West Village, where it will test new menu items like Piggie Shack Burger and Eel Burger and allow customers to give feedback on their favorites. See inside the new kitchen.
The Shake Shack restaurant on Astor Place only has automated kiosks — no cashiers.

Shake Shack is testing its high-tech ordering kiosks in more restaurants across the country. Here’s what they’re like to use.

Shake Shack announced plans in October to go cashless by replacing cashiers with automated kiosks. But many customers hated the idea of a cash-free restaurant, and Shake Shack soon abandoned those plans, though it still plans to test ordering kiosks at some new locations.

Shake Shack, A&W and a cinema are all said to be opening at Changi Airport’s new mega-mall Jewel next year

Jewel will reportedly follow in the footsteps of the Hong Kong International Airport, which also has a cinema of its own.
MOD Pizza is the fastest-growing chain in the US.

These 5 restaurant chains are taking over America

These restaurant chains are opening dozens of locations and increasing sales by millions of dollars. If there isn't one in your town yet, there probably will be soon.

Here’s what it was like to buy the $100 Shake Shack-inspired sneakers made by Silicon Valley’s favorite shoe brand, which were available f...

Popular burger chain Shake Shack and shoe brand Allbirds announced they had teamed up to release a sneaker that would be available in New York City for one day only, on May 24. And so, I got a pair. Here's what it was like.

We compared McDonald’s premium burgers with Shake Shack’s and Five Guys’ — and the winner surprised us

McDonald's recent move to fresh beef could put it in the same league as other national chains offering fresh-grilled, premium burgers. So we compared McDonald's "better burger" lineup with its competition to see whether it has staying power in the industry — and we were surprised by what we found.

What the FDA-recommended daily intake of 2,000 calories looks like at every major fast-food chain

Restaurant chains are now required to post calorie counts on their menus. We went to each of the major fast-food chains to explore what ordering the FDA-recommended daily intake of 2,000 calories looks like.