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The last time a billionaire CEO got divorced without a prenup he wrote a check for $974,790,317.77

There could be some comparisons drawn between Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos' divorce and that of the oil magnate Harold Hamm and his former wife.
Cigna CEO David Cordani

The $67 billion Cigna-Express Scripts merger just passed a key hurdle

Cigna and Express Scripts shareholders have voted to approve the companies' $67 billion merger.  The deal combines a health insurer and a company that helps negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs in the form of rebates on behalf of health plans.

One of Tesla’s largest shareholders is urging Elon Musk to simmer down and focus after a tumultuous few weeks

Pointing to what has been a tumultuous few weeks in Tesla CEO Elon Musk's orbit, Baillie Gifford, the automaker's fourth-largest shareholder, said it was looking for "peace and execution." Among Tesla's biggest challenges at the moment: ramping up production of its Model 3 sedan.

Uber lost $3.7 billion during its last three quarters

While Uber's gross bookings grew, the red ink is flowing as fast as ever.

RBS finally reached a £200 million settlement with shareholders

Investors planned to sue the bank after they invested in the bank during its £12 billion rights issue in 2008 and lost most of their money.

Disney CEO Bob Iger quits Trump’s advisory council after US withdraws from Paris climate deal

Disney CEO Bob Iger has quit President Trump's business advisory council over Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

Read Larry Page’s new letter about the current status of Alphabet, Google’s parent company

In a letter to shareholders, Google cofounder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page wrote about recent changes at Alphabet and hinted at what's ahead.

Disney’s CEO quoted the musical ‘Hamilton’ to defend his position on Trump’s business council

At Disney's annual shareholder meeting, CEO Bob Iger responded to criticism of his place on President Donald Trump's business council by quoting "Hamilton."

Nintendo’s stock is falling even though ‘Super Mario Run’ is a hit — and it makes total sense

Nintendo's stock soared after "Pokémon Go," even though it had nothing to do with the game. Now its stock is falling, even though "Super Mario Run" is popular.

American companies have developed a very particular disease — and CEOs hate the cure

American companies have been sick for a while, and now it's starting to hamper growth in the economy.