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The world’s first Shariah-compliant Internet service suite has been launched in Malaysia – along with browser, chat and sadaqah services

It is part of a range of connected services including SalamNews, SalamChat and SalamSadaqah.

Mahathir has gone on Twitter and YouTube to air his thoughts about the public caning of two women who pleaded guilty for attempting lesbian sex

The Malaysian leader posted a video on Twitter and YouTube to air his thoughts on the punishment.

Here’s why two Malaysian women were publicly whipped for lesbian acts

Malaysia’s case is unusual, as punishments for female homosexuality are historically scarce, and typically limited to a verbal reprimand.

AirAsia and Firefly flight attendants will get to keep the short skirts that Malaysian senators find ‘arousing’

The Malaysian government will not intervene in the uniform designs of two budget carriers deemed "too revealing" by senators.