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A marine biologist captured the great while shark eating the whale carcass in Cape Cod.

An 18-foot great white shark ate a dead whale in front of a boat full of tourists

Tourists on a whale-watching cruise in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, saw two great white sharks eating a dead whale, and a marine biologist got photos.
Scuba divers in a shark cage observe a great white shark near Guadalupe, Mexico.

Scientists just mapped the great white shark’s genome, revealing clues that may help us heal wounds and fight cancer

The newly sequenced great white shark genome could reveal genetic mechanisms behind the animals' quick healing abilities and resistance to illness.
Great white sharks can swim up to 35 mph.

10 places you’re most likely to see a great white shark

It's not as common to get bitten by a great white shark than is often believed. Here are 10 places where you're likely to see one.

The weirdest things I saw at CES 2019, the biggest tech show of the year

At CES 2019, we saw 8K displays, futuristic self-driving cars, and tons of robots — but we also captured lots of bizarre moments in between.
Nick Wapner

A California surfer survived a shark attack by kicking the 15-foot great white as it bit both of his legs

Nick Wapner, 19, was surfing with friends off of Montana de Oro State Park on California's Central Coast when he was bit by a shark on Tuesday.

Deliveroo will permanently remove all shark fin dishes from its platform

Shark fin is officially off the menu for Deliveroo users.
John Dowd, Trump's former lawyer.

‘Stop glorifying predators’: It looks like former Trump lawyer John Dowd wrote to the editor of a Cape Cod newspaper to complain about sha...

President Donald Trump's former lead attorney John Dowd, who spent his time in the White House going toe-to-toe with special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, now has a new target: great white sharks.

The world’s first omnivorous shark has been identified, and it could change the way we think about bloodthirsty sharks

The bonnethead shark may be the world's first omnivorous shark, according to new research. While scientists have long known that they consume seagrass, they thought it was incidental consumption when the sharks went after their bottom-dwelling prey.
You can dive safely with sharks, but remember: look, don't touch.

9 places you can go diving with sharks — and what it looks like

If shows like those on Discovery's Shark Week or National Geographic's SharkFest make you want to see these creatures in the wild, you should get SCUBA-certified. If you are a diver, you can hover underwater with sharks and watch them in their natural environments.

Michael Phelps never stood a chance in a race against a great white shark – here’s why

Great whites can speed through the water at least 25 miles per hour, potentially achieving 35 mph for the short bursts. Humans are much slower.