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Survivalists are buying underground doomsday bunkers to prep for the apocalypse. Here’s what they look like.

High-end doomsday shelters come with security systems and blast-proof doors to protect people from disasters or attacks.
"It couldn't have been more perfect," Burky said.

A bride helped shelter dogs find a home by having her bridesmaids walk the pups down the aisle at her wedding

In addition to helping raise money for the shelter, four of the five dogs who participated in the wedding have been adopted.

6 Myanmar nationals found in a Singapore cemetery say they were gravediggers – this is what their graveyard ‘home’ looks like

The men claimed that they were working as grave diggers in the cemetery.
Adopting from a shelter is important.

10 reasons why you should adopt a pet from a shelter

It can be tempting to buy your pet from a breeder, there are lots of advantages to adopting from shelters. Here are reasons why you should adopt a pet from a shelter.

There are so many migrant children in one shelter a headcount is taking hours

Migrant children are being forced to undergo prison-like headcounts at some shelters, including Texas' Casa Padre. In prison, inmates are usually required to stay in their cells or by the doorway for the duration of the count.
An illustration of a nuclear bomb exploding in a city.

A company that builds underground bunkers to withstand nuclear war has made millions during Trump’s presidency — take a look

Rising S Company makes affordable underground bunkers that can withstand natural disasters and apocalyptic events.
There are 575 private bunkers in total.

These doomsday shelters for the 1% make up the largest private bunker community on earth

Here's where you can live in the case of nuclear warfare or a zombie apocalypse.