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Canadian police charge New Brunswick shooting suspect with 4 counts of first-degree murder

Canadian police charged a man Saturday for the deaths of two police officers and two civilians in a shooting that struck a nerve in a country that has been roiled in recent months by several instances of mass violence.
David Woltering, the community development director for the city of San Bruno, discusses plans to expand the area around YouTube's HQ.

Here’s how YouTube wants to secure its campus and better protect employees in the wake of April’s shooting attack

San Bruno city officials told Business Insider that YouTube plans to upgrade security as part of a planned expansion of the video service's headquarters. The move comes four months after a woman opened fire with a handgun on YouTube's campus.

An active shooter drill likely triggered a false alarm at an Ohio Air Force base

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio was locked down Thursday afternoon for roughly two hours due to reports of an active shooter on base. The base later revealed that there had been "no real world active shooter incident."
A shooting in New Orleans killed 3 people and injured 7 others on Saturday night

Shooting that killed 3 people and injured 7 others is believed to be gang-related police say as gunmen remain on the run

Two men and a woman were killed and seven others were injured in a mass shooting in New Orleans on Saturday. Police believe the shooting that took place outside a strip mall around 8:30 p.m. may have been gang-related, and the two suspects are still on the run.

Toronto wants to ban the sale of handguns and ammunition after mass shooting

A deadly mass shooting in Toronto's Greektown neighborhood on Sunday left three people dead and 13 people wounded. The council voted to urge the federal government to ban gun and ammunition sales, and increase mental health spending.
Police officers walk past Alexander the Great Parkette while investigating a mass shooting on Danforth Avenue in Toronto, Canada, July 23, 2018.

2 people killed, 13 wounded in Toronto shooting

Two people were killed in a shooting in Toronto's Greektown neighborhood on Sunday night. The police responded to the shooting near Danforth Avenue and Logan Avenue at about 10 p.m. local time. A 10-year-old girl was among at least 13 others who were wounded.

An employee at the Trader Joe’s hostage standoff helped his coworkers escape through an emergency ladder out the window

Sean Gerace helped his coworkers escape a Los Angeles-area Trader Joe's on Saturday during a hostage standoff with a gunman who killed one woman. The employees used an emergency ladder to evacuate.
E.B Furgurson talks on the phone as police officers respond to an active shooter inside the newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland on June 28, 2018.

Capital Gazette staffers describe minute-by-minute what happened the day of the shooting

The Baltimore Sun, which owns the Capital Gazette, reported what staffers at the local paper and their family members went through the day of the shooting.

These are the people killed in a mass shooting at the offices of the Capital Gazette

Five people were killed and two others were injured when a gunman fired at people in the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday — Here's what we know about the victims.

The Capital Gazette gunman used a legally purchased pump-action shotgun, police say

The Capital Gazette shooter used a legally purchased pump-action shotgun to kill five people in a Maryland newsroom on Thursday, according to the police. The suspect appeared in court Friday morning and was ordered detained until trial. He faces five counts of first-degree murder.