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Black Friday can be intense.

10 tips for getting through a hectic Black Friday sale like a pro

Even when a Black Friday situation gets particularly hectic and crowded, these tips from survival experts can help you manage.
Target just released its own beauty advent calendar.

Target is selling a $20 beauty advent calendar, and you’ll want to gift it to yourself

Target's new beauty advent calendar features 12 makeup and skin-care products from popular brands like Bliss and Maybelline.
Shoppers clog the aisles at Macy's Department store.

Disappointing photos of department stores during the holidays will make you want to shop online

Department stores might seem like a one-stop shop for all your holiday needs, but they aren't all they're cracked up to be.
Department stores are a great place to search for affordable party dresses.

22 party dresses under $50 that are perfect for the holiday season

These affordable party dresses are perfect for any occasion over the holiday season, from a fancy Thanksgiving dinner to a big New Year's Eve bash.
Amazon reviewers are loving this heated jacket.

Amazon is selling a jacket with an actual heater built in and people are calling it a ‘must have’

Clothing brand Ororo is selling a line of $139.99 jackets with built-in heaters across the chest and mid-back areas.
Jesse Kamm pants (left) and Madewell pants (right).

A designer is accusing Madewell of using her ‘trademark’ to sell wide-leg pants — but people aren’t too sure

Kamm said the brand not only copied her "trademark" sailor pants, but also used her name in the marketing. She has since walked those accusations back.

The most absurd Black Friday fails throughout the years

Many Black Friday stories end horrifically, but these tales from the retail industry will make you want to roll your eyes.
Black Friday is madness.

People reveal the best things they’ve seen happen on Black Friday

Retail employees and bewildered shoppers share the best, almost unbelievable things they've seen happen on Black Friday.

The only online stores you should bother shopping at for Cyber Monday

From deals on clothing to furniture, we've compiled a list of the best stores to save money during the Cyber Monday sale.

15 popular products people have lined up for on Black Friday over the years

From big screen televisions to Tickle Me Elmos, electronics and toys typically reign supreme on Black Friday shoppers' lists.