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A trader told us: "The less liquidity you have the less it takes to push the market around ... You literally need to know nothing other than what a correctly uttered phrase would do to the market."

FX traders tell us why they’re still talking about Nigel Farage and the ‘crackpot lunatic conspiracy theory’ of a massive short agai...

The polls showed that Leave had won. The pound should have been going down. Yet Farage said he thought Leave had lost ... and the pound went up.
Short sellers are adding to bets that gun stocks will drop.

Traders are betting big against gun stocks

Traders are adding to wagers against gun stocks as the sector fluctuates on changing expectations of new gun control measures.

This is the sentence all the Tesla shorts have been waiting for

"We anticipate that direct leasing will rise from 8% of deliveries in Q2 to about 15% of deliveries in Q3, as we have reached our funding limit ..."