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Tribeca is the city's richest ZIP code, with an average income of $879,000 and a median home price of $3.8 million.

The 25 most expensive ZIP codes in America in 2019

Property Shark has released its 2019 ranking of the priciest ZIP codes in the US. A Silicon Valley suburb took the top spot for the 3rd year in a row.
The Crescent Park home is priced at $16.8 million, well above the enclave's median home value of $4.5 million.

No one wants to buy this $16.8 million Silicon Valley mansion in the Palo Alto neighborhood where Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lives — take a lo...

The villa at 51 Crescent Drive in Palo Alto, just minutes from Google and Facebook, has been on and off the market since 2013 without a buyer.

A Silicon Valley startup is offering $10,000 to workers who volunteer to leave the Bay Area

A startup called MainStreet gives Bay Area employees a stipend to work remotely from one of its own offices in a different location.

Silicon Valley is obsessed with ‘dopamine fasting’ to stay sane. It might actually work, but not because of dopamine.

Stanford Neuroscientist Russell Poldrack said that "there's nothing specific about dopamine that's going on" when we detach from our devices.
Masayoshi Son is the founder and CEO of Japanese holding company SoftBank.

Meet Masayoshi Son, the Japanese billionaire with a $14 billion personal fortune whose SoftBank mega-fund lost more than $4.7 billion investing in WeW...

Masayoshi Son is the founder and CEO of Japanese holding company SoftBank, which invests millions in some of Silicon Valley's biggest tech companies.
Gal Szekely explains 5 Silicon Valley relationship problems.

A therapist reveals the 5 biggest relationship issues in Silicon Valley

Szekely explained Silicon Valley relationship problems including cultural differences and one person making a much larger salary.
The Presidio of San Francisco has something that the rest of the city doesn't: silence.

Inside San Francisco’s Presidio: A 1,500-acre former US Army base where the ‘Star Wars’ creators and a Facebook board member’s...

You'll find Peter Thiel's Founders Fund, Lucasfilm, coyotes, eucalyptus trees, an abandoned fort, and a pet cemetery on this former US Army base.
Most of America's wealthy millennials live in California.

Nearly half of America’s millennial millionaires live in California, and it highlights just how strong the relationship between tech, money, and...

Silicon Valley is powerful when it comes to minting new wealth. But more millionaires could contribute to the area's already extreme housing crisis.

5 major ways Silicon Valley has changed in the past 10 years

In the past decade, tech salaries have skyrocketed in Silicon Valley, along with the cost of living and the area's homeless population.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a well-known proponent of various biohacking and health tech trends like fasting and extreme meditation.

7 health trends Silicon Valley tech bros are obsessed with, from dopamine fasting to the keto diet

Here's the science behind their "biohacking" techniques, which use different foods and devices to optimize physical and mental health.