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Singapore Airlines is adding healthy meals by award-winning Como Shambhala to its menu

Unhealthy airplane food no more. Singapore Airlines is adding healthy food to its menu.

A local designer claims his idea for a Singapore Girl figurine was copied – and is now selling on KrisShop for S$29

Lee posted the artwork of his design on Facebook and pointed out its similarities with the official figurine sold on Singapore Airline's online shop
American Airlines premium economy.

People are finding hidden cameras on some American Airlines and Singapore Airlines planes. Here’s what that’s about

Passengers have reported finding hidden cameras in their inflight entertainment systems on select American and Singapore Airlines flights.

Singapore Airlines Q3 profit falls 27% but demand grows

Singapore Airlines ...

Singapore Airlines launches a digital innovation lab called KrisLab – where employees use tech tools to ideate and collaborate

One of the VR technology tools allows SIA designers to efficiently conceptualise and modify future cabin designs.
A Singapore Airlines plane.

An Asian bird managed to stow itself on a business class flight from Singapore to London, and no one noticed it for 12 hours

A business class ticket from Singapore to London, departing tomorrow, costs S$5,969 ($4,405).