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Two SAF servicemen face court martial over Aloysius Pang’s death: Mindef

The two servicemen face possible imprisonment for irrational acts leading to Aloysius Pang's death.

The Singapore Army’s upcoming ‘realistic’ urban training complex has smart targets that can ‘shoot back’ and retreat

The Singapore Armed Forces' upcoming smart facility makes training for its soldiers almost like a real-life video game.

Singapore Army’s new Hunter armoured fighting vehicle will supposedly make it a ‘more lethal fighting force’

It is "tougher and more capable" than the Ultra M113 currently in use.

Aloysius Pang’s death: No malfunction with gun-lowering mechanism, says Ng Eng Hen

"We owe it to CFC (NS) Pang and his family, indeed to all Singaporeans, to get to the bottom of what happened, and make things right, to ensure the safety of the NS training system as a whole."

SAF sets up Inspector-General’s Office to enforce safety following Aloysius Pang’s case

It will have the full authority to scrutinise and enforce safety processes and practices at all levels of the Singapore Armed Forces

Singapore just majorly changed its rules on pet ownership, so people can adopt military doggos retiring from the force

After almost five decades, Singapore has finally lifted its strict national ban on keeping big dogs in public apartments.
A CH-47 Chinook carries the national flag while accompanied by Apache Longbow attack helicopters during a flyby at the National Day parade in Singapore, August 9, 2009.

How a tiny city-state became a military powerhouse with the best air force and navy in Southeast Asia

Singapore has been able to integrate complex weapons systems and training tactics flawlessly, making its military a strong cohesive unit.