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21-year-old drug offender issued conditional warning for threatening to throw eggs at law minister Shanmugam

Another man, a 48-year-old who responded to the Facebook comment, was also issued an advisory.

NUS student placed on mandatory leave of absence after he allegedly shot upskirt videos

The student allegedly intruded the privacy of 31 unknown women by capturing their videos at various locations islandwide between April and August this year. 

Judge explains why student’s probation sentence for molest charge should not be seen as ‘soft option’

"In my view, (probation) will be in the best interests of not only the accused, but of society," she said.

Police looking into another Telegram chat group allegedly circulating obscene materials

Images of children in their school uniforms are among the materials shared by its members.

17-year-old among four arrested over ‘SG Nasi Lemak’ group, which circulated lewd photos of women without their consent

The group has been set up for more than a year, and had over 44,000 members at its peak.

Singapore woman fined over S$30,000 for failing to pay GST on 141 branded items bought overseas

Her S$30,600 fine was for failing to pay taxes amounting to about S$14,460.

The two men caught for possessing a gun and ammunition are also suspected drug offenders – here’s how they were nabbed

The man's friend faces as much jail time and caning as him, for being suspected of remaining in his company while knowing that he had an illegal gun.

Radicalised Indonesian domestic helpers who were detained had worked in Singapore for 6 to 13 years

They were drawn to violent visuals disseminated on multiple pro-ISIS social media chat groups, including beheading videos.

Some funeral company employees have been giving hongbao to crematorium workers – now they’re in trouble

The hongbao were given in exchange for "preferential treatment" and "as an inducement to smoothen the cremation process".