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1 million calls were made to the Singapore police and SCDF last year, but only 6% were real emergencies

The police still receive emergency calls regarding complains about a neighbour’s wet laundry, and even about noise pollution cases.

2 Malaysian women tried to smuggle a man out of Singapore in their car boot

Probably not the best place to be seen if you're leaving the country.

25% of Singaporean women have been sexually harassed, and only 19% of all victims have gone to the police: YouGov

The main reason respondents chose not to report sexual harassment was because they felt embarrassed.

Woodlands double-murder trial: Property agent spent a week in flat after strangling pregnant wife and daughter

He claimed his wife killed their daughter as part of a suicide pact, but later admitted that he strangled his wife and daughter.

A teen listened to a scammer pretending to be a police officer, and hid in an Orchard Road hotel to stage his own kidnap

Out of fear, the teenager’s parents transferred RMB 20,000 to a bank account in China to secure their son's release.

Voyeurs may get caned following changes to Penal Code: Shanmugam

The maximum jail term for such crimes will be doubled, and caning will also be introduced.

Advertising firm owner charged with assaulting security supervisor at Roxy Square

He allegedly punched a guard, knocking him to the ground.

At age 8, children in Singapore are youngest globally to get first internet device – and online safety is a growing concern, Google study finds

This is the youngest average age among all the countries surveyed, lower than the global average of 10 years old.