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Singapore Airlines has just been crowned ‘Most Attractive Employer’ in Singapore again

Second place also went to a local company - Changi Airport Group.

Changi Airport Group and SIA are among top 75 employers Singaporeans want to work for – here’s who else made the list

Companies were ranked for work-life balance, financial health and career progression opportunities.

83 per cent of Singaporean employees are anticipating a bonus in 2019, but may have to manage their expectations: Survey

In particular, the banking and finance industry has the largest mismatch in bonus expectations.

Wedding banquet prices are rising faster than Singapore’s inflation – and total wedding cost can go up to S$76,000: Study

The average total cost of getting married in Singapore - from dowry to honeymoon - ranges from around S$33,000 to approximately S$76,000.

Women in Singapore earn 87 cents for every S$1 earned by men, Glassdoor’s gender pay study reveals

The study of eight nations found that Singapore’s adjusted gender pay gap is on par with the US and UK.

A whopping 92% of working Singaporeans are stressed – and women are prioritising families over themselves, study finds

Singaporean women say that their sources of stress are personal finance, too much work and personal health.

Singapore ranked worst place for women to work among top ‘gender-equal’ nations, with about 20% less pay and savings than men

Singapore is said to have the biggest gender wage gap among the oft-called "gender-equal" nations.

A spa-like yoga studio that C-suite execs love just opened a massive outlet at Raffles Place – here’s what it’s like inside

The new outlet is designed to be a "sanctuary" amid the CBD, where busy execs can "tune out the demands of their stressful world" through yoga and meditation.