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Buying a car? Launching next month, a new website by Singapore dealers is promising cars at ‘significant’ discounts

While a rep declined to provide exact figures, he said the discounts are expected to be "very significant", as a dealer could pay up to tens of thousands of dollars a month to list a batch of cars online.

The founder of Singapore brand Naiise made his girlfriend his first employee – and doing business together led them to marriage

To join him, she traded a high-paying job for a role with no salary, and he promised to pay for all her expenses.

A day in the life of the co-founder of JustCo, a Singapore startup that’s now Southeast Asia’s largest co-working space provider

She has up to 10 meetings a day, but makes time for her daughters at night, and even manages to squeeze in an hour of swimming and relaxing.

This Singaporean duo who expanded their online business to Hong Kong is smashing stereotypes about female leaders

Two women, one business, and a whole lot of gender stereotypes – but these women are unfazed.

There are 22 Singaporeans in Forbes’ 2019 Billionaires list – including the founders of Haidilao, Hotel 81 and Osim

This is the first time that the co-founders of Haidilao – Zhang Yong and Shu Ping – made it onto the list with a combined wealth of US$8.6 billion.

Accused of copying British illustrator Gemma Correll’s work, Singapore brand The Tiramisu Hero says it has learned a ‘hard lesson’

Was this unintentional or a case of the copycat? Illustrator Gemma Correll tells us she is still undecided on legal action.

Cutting, material and even pockets – here’s what a modern cheongsam maker says women should look out for when dressing for CNY

Pockets in a cheongsam? The Singaporean designer behind The Missing Piece is right on point with this one.

Singapore’s JustCo expands into Melbourne, Sydney and Seoul

Southeast Asia’s largest co-working space provider is about to get bigger.