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Singapore is spending another S$48b to deal with Covid-19’s aftermath, for a total of S$55b – here are the targetted areas

The Prime Minister, Cabinet ministers and other political office-holders - as well as the President - will be getting a 3-month pay cut.

The average Singaporean household spends S$4,900 monthly, with the most going to food and transport: Survey

Singaporean households still continue to spend the most on meals in hawker centres.

1.7 million people are about to get S$1 billion in GST Vouchers and MediSave top-ups – here’s what’s coming

Recipients who have provided their bank account details will receive their cash payouts earlier than the rest.

123 re-offered balance flats have been listed on HDB’s site – and 85% are in mature towns

Flat buyers can select a unit as early as the next working day.

60 per cent of Singaporean households recycle regularly, but many still think clothes and shoes can go in the blue bin (they can’t)

Many people think they can recycle clothes and shoes in the blue bins, but that's not true.

40% of households in Jurong have already switched to the Open Electricity Market – here’s what you should know

The switch rates recorded in Singapore so far are higher than in other countries which usually see single-digit annual switch rates.

Singtel enters electricity reselling business with Singtel Power, promising up to 30% cheaper power bills

It is promising up to 30 per cent savings on current monthly power bills.

Lower gas and electricity tariffs for households in first three months of 2019

Consumers can expect lower gas and electricity tariffs in the first three months of 2019.