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Raises in Singapore likely to be 3% this year – with the average monthly salary last year at $2,900

However, salaries of those in cybersecurity and cloud engineering were expected to rise 25%.

Singapore will cover up to S$20,000 disinfection costs for establishments with Wuhan virus cases: Chan Chun Sing

Licence fees for hotels, travel agents, and tour guides will be waived, while disinfection and cleaning costs will also be defrayed.

4 in 10 people in Singapore are migrants – and almost 1 million are from Malaysia: UN

The percentage of of migrants in Singapore is 10 times the the global average.

Real-wage salaries in Singapore expected to grow more next year, thanks to benign inflation: Korn Ferry

Singapore's real-wage salaries could grow by 3.6% next year, up from 3.0%.

Singapore workers now prioritise job security over career development – and Gen Zs prefer exciting careers over high pay

Local job seekers are more concerned about their employability now due to digital disruption and sluggish global growth, the survey found. 

Job openings in Singapore have declined – and there were only 94 vacancies for every 100 unemployed people in June

The ministry said that hiring sentiments had turned cautious in Q2.

Half of all Malays, Indians in Singapore feel discriminated against when applying for jobs: IPS survey

According to the survey, the number of Malay and Indian respondents who felt racially discriminated against during job applications and promotions rose between 2013 and 2018.

Coding will soon be compulsory at primary schools – but the class has actually been available since 2014

Students will learn core computational thinking and coding concepts through programming-based lessons, and get exposed to emerging technologies like AI. 

3 in 4 Singaporeans say they weren’t taught enough skills to excel at work – and millennials feel the worst prepared

Respondents said this caused them to make mistakes at work, with some even feeling like quitting their job.