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American pilot for FedEx sentenced to 4 weeks’ jail in Singapore for breaching stay order to buy face masks

Yeargan's lawyer said he made an "error of judgment" and was worried for his wife back home.

Singapore is now punishing people who don’t have masks on – but there are some exceptions

Even those engaged in exercise are not completely exempted and must put on a mask after they are done exercising.

Singapore is recording particulars of people who breach social distance rules – and repeat offenders may be fined and charged in court

Singapore can only go back to normal if people take the measures seriously, PM Lee said.

8 shops have been warned for flouting safe distancing rules in Singapore – and half are bubble tea outlets

If they fail a follow-up check, they will be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases Act.

All motorised PMDs banned on footpaths from April, maximum fines to be doubled

The maximum penalty for a first-time offender caught speeding on public paths will be raised to $2,000 and a six-month jail term.

Parliament: Use of fake news law against opposition politicians is ‘the consequence of their actions’, says Iswaran

Singapore's fake news law has been invoked 4 times since it came into effect on October 2 2019, out of which 3 cases involved opposition parties or their members.

Change law degrees to allow study of science, tech, engineering and maths, Singapore’s Chief Justice suggests

The proposals will reform legal education and training to ensure that it remains capable of "moulding the lawyers we need".

Some retailers are offering to modify PMDs into mobility aids, but the LTA is saying ‘no, no, no’

Turning PMDs into mobility aids puts everyone in more danger of an accident.

IMDA is reviewing its rules on display panels, which are increasingly common in public places such as HDB estates

HDB said today that commercial advertisements on its 6,000 display panels will be capped at 30% of total screen time.

17-year-old among four arrested over ‘SG Nasi Lemak’ group, which circulated lewd photos of women without their consent

The group has been set up for more than a year, and had over 44,000 members at its peak.