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Here’s when security officers can and cannot ask for your NRIC when new rules kick in on September 1

Here's when a private security officer can legally ask for your NRIC, and when they can't.

Police begin probe over irregular quotations received by MND and URA after AGO report

The Auditor-General's Office highlighted irregularities in a "significant number" of quotations by contractors for public projects.

Fines for parking illegally at HDB carparks will increase by up to 40% from July 1

Parking illegally is going to cost you more next month.

Voyeurs may get caned following changes to Penal Code: Shanmugam

The maximum jail term for such crimes will be doubled, and caning will also be introduced.

Singapore seeks social media ‘corrections’ in proposed fake news law

The move came two days after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said governments should play a more active role in regulating the online platform.

Nearly 1 in 2 young Singaporeans are open to religious extremists posting views on social media – here’s why that’s ‘worrying’...

Across all age groups, 26.8 per cent of respondents indicated that they were open to religious extremists publishing their views on the internet or social media.

Singapore is the safest Asian country for women to live in, study finds – here’s why

The worst performers on the list are the Philippines, Indonesia and India.