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Secretlab’s co-founders still game together on weekends – and its CEO learned how to do business through games like World of Warcraft

Singapore's Secretlab has a "grow or die" mentality, and its co-founder Ian Ang says: "Nothing fuels me more than competition and crushing my opponents."

94% of Singapore’s white-collar workers say earning money is one of their top life goals: Survey

Gone are the days where Singaporeans prioritise owning a car and credit cards. Now, they want a fulfilling career and the opportunity to travel the world.

StanChart’s new credit card is for affluent millennials who love to travel – and you’ve to earn S$80,000 yearly to apply

Stan Chart says its affluent millennial base has grown 12% annually in the past 5 years.

3 in 4 Singaporeans say they weren’t taught enough skills to excel at work – and millennials feel the worst prepared

Respondents said this caused them to make mistakes at work, with some even feeling like quitting their job.

Here are 2 ways for uni grads to get their dream job, according to the founders of a career service with a 100% success rate

Most fresh graduates are rejected from jobs due to a lack of experience, the wrong skill sets, or failing to impress at the interview - but there are ways to fix this.