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Parliament: Fake news law passed after 2 days of debate

The Bill was passed with 72 MPs saying “yes”, 9 WP MPs saying “no”, and 3 Nominated MPs abstaining.

3 key things you need to know about Singapore’s potential law on fake news

You can still voice opinions and criticise the Government, as long as you avoid fake claims.

Parliament: Merdeka Generation to start getting benefits from July

They will get a $200 top-up every year until 2023.

Parliament: Free opt-in cervical cancer vaccine for Sec 1 girls from this year

HPV strains which primarily cause cervical cancer, but can also cause vulva, vaginal and anal cancers.

After 40 years, Singapore is ending the streaming system that divided secondary students into Express and Normal streams – here’s what you need ...

Instead, there will be subject-based banding, where students take up subjects of varying levels depending on their strengths.

Singapore parliament: To protect local jobs, Government has to cut foreign worker quota, says Chee Hong Tat

He said jobs for Singaporeans will be lost and socio-political problems could flare up if the country does not control the number of foreign workers here.

Parliament: 9 questions on HIV Registry data leak addressed by Singapore’s Health Minister Gan Kim Yong

"Relationships can be disrupted; lives can be changed. We had to exercise care and judgment in making our decision, and the well-being of the affected persons weighed heavily in our considerations," Mr Gan said.

Aloysius Pang’s death: No malfunction with gun-lowering mechanism, says Ng Eng Hen

"We owe it to CFC (NS) Pang and his family, indeed to all Singaporeans, to get to the bottom of what happened, and make things right, to ensure the safety of the NS training system as a whole."