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Parliament: Use of fake news law against opposition politicians is ‘the consequence of their actions’, says Iswaran

Singapore's fake news law has been invoked 4 times since it came into effect on October 2 2019, out of which 3 cases involved opposition parties or their members.

Parliament to introduce facial recognition attendance tracking system for MPs

It will enable Parliament to determine how many, and which, MPs are present during any sitting in real time.

Steve Chia takes over from Chiam See Tong as Singapore People’s Party chief, Jose Raymond is chairman

The 48 year-old was elected secretary-general three weeks after Chiam stepped down from the post.

Parliament: Fake news law passed after 2 days of debate

The Bill was passed with 72 MPs saying “yes”, 9 WP MPs saying “no”, and 3 Nominated MPs abstaining.

3 key things you need to know about Singapore’s potential law on fake news

You can still voice opinions and criticise the Government, as long as you avoid fake claims.

Parliament: Merdeka Generation to start getting benefits from July

They will get a $200 top-up every year until 2023.

Parliament: Free opt-in cervical cancer vaccine for Sec 1 girls from this year

HPV strains which primarily cause cervical cancer, but can also cause vulva, vaginal and anal cancers.