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This is the 774-unit tower duo taking over Singapore’s iconic Pearl Bank apartments

The two new towers will hold 774 apartment units, almost three times more than the old Pearl Bank Apartments' 280 units.

Shenzhen is ditching its Hong Kong housing model to adopt the Singapore housing policy

Shenzhen plans to offer 1 million homes at as low as half of the prevailing market rate, according to a policy paper released last month.

Singaporeans spend triple the time searching for property than reading their children bedtime stories or speaking to their parents: HSBC study

Singaporeans spend more than 3 hours a week looking at property, but less than an hour talking to their parents.

There’s a new ‘flexible living’ space among Keong Saik’s shophouses – and it offers a room where you can sleep under the...

Occupants can watch the sunset and sleep under the stars in some of these rooms.

At US$4,200, Singapore rents are among top 10 most expensive for expats in Asia – but still peanuts compared to Hong Kong’s US$11,000

Think US$4,200 is expensive for rental of a 3-bedroom unfurnished home? It's $11,000 in Hong Kong.

HDB is reducing the waiting time for buyers booking re-offered balance flats to just one day

The first applicable batch will have about 120 flats.

Almost a quarter of Singaporeans have faced racism when renting property: YouGov survey

Most landlords want to know a tenant's nationality, gender and occupation.

Singapore property: HDB resale prices fell 0.9%, private property prices rose 7.9% in 2018

In Q4, there was a price decline of 0.2 per cent in HDB resale prices.

Maximum tenancy period to rent HDB flat to non-Malaysians foreigners to increase from Jan 1

The revised tenancy period only applies to flat owners whose applications in this category reach HDB on or after Jan 1.