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Singapore households waste S$342 million worth of food – or 68.4 million plates of nasi lemak – a year

A study has found that 342,000 tonnes of food is lost in Singapore even before it reaches consumers.

A new petition is calling CNA to keep Subhas Nair’s segments in its music documentary – here’s why

"Erasing the narrative of migrant communities from the documentary sends the message that their stories do not matter, and that they are disposable."

The average Singaporean household spends S$4,900 monthly, with the most going to food and transport: Survey

Singaporean households still continue to spend the most on meals in hawker centres.

4 in 10 Singaporeans get upset by neighbours burning incense and joss sticks: IPS survey

The report also found that most Singaporeans still engaged in racial stereotyping, and preferred Chinese or Eurasian spouses in an interracial marriage.

Goodbye ATM card: OCBC now allows customers to withdraw money by QR code

QR code withdrawals are supposedly more secure than using ATM PINs.

Singapore will spend $400m upgrading drains, $10m on studying sea level rise to counter climate change

The $10 million National Sea Level research programme will help Singapore develop more robust projections of sea level rise in the future.

Singapore recorded 666 new dengue cases last week alone – the highest weekly number since Jan 2016

There have been 7,374 cases this year - 5 times more than the same period last year.

1.7 million people are about to get S$1 billion in GST Vouchers and MediSave top-ups – here’s what’s coming

Recipients who have provided their bank account details will receive their cash payouts earlier than the rest.

2 in 5 Singaporeans are unhappy with their weight, and the young are more likely to be dissatisfied: Survey

Women are more likely than men to be dissatisfied with their weight.