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Here are 5 ways Singapore’s massive Budget 2019 announcements will affect working millennials

Higher GST and utility bills? There's more to it than that. Here's our summary of how Budget 2019 will affect young working Singaporeans.

Here are highlights from Singapore’s budget – including a bonanza for the elderly

There's a S$1.1 billion bonus package for all Singaporeans to mark 200 years since the former British colony's founding

Singapore Budget 2019: Measures announced to tackle healthcare costs, support companies and workers

Heng Swee Keat unveiled a $6.1 billion fund that will subsidise healthcare for Singaporeans born in the 1950s

By 2040, 90% of peak-hour trips in Singapore should take 45 mins or less, a government-appointed panel says

All journeys to the nearest neighbourhood centre should also be completed in less than 20 minutes.

Love blooms in Singapore: Spending on Valentine’s Day flowers soars 102% in three years, Mastercard says

Two popular Valentine's Day gifts – or rather, experiences – in 2018 were travels and hotel staycations.

Merdeka package to include some who missed Pioneer benefits

The beneficiaries of the Merdeka Generation Package will extend beyond the 500,000 Singaporeans born in the 1950s

Affordable, quality healthcare the key concern for Singaporeans, pre-Budget survey finds

Also of importance to Singaporeans is a conducive environment to start families.

Public service report card shows Singaporeans earned higher incomes in 2017, unemployment rate still low

Incomes of Singaporeans at the 20th percentile and median income levels went up.

Singaporeans are more satisfied with teleco services compared to 4 years ago, IMDA study finds

Most service providers also saw an increase in satisfaction with the competency of customer service officers this year.