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Over 3 in 4 Singaporeans in study believe e-sports shouldn’t even be classified as a sport – and the majority also think it causes Internet addi...

A recent study by market research company YouGov has found that Singaporeans aren't too keen on the new form of sports.

Singapore millennials care more about family, society and self-growth – than being famous or owning material goods, an OCBC study finds

A whopping 86 per cent of respondents said that their life motivation is to understand their inner selves – compared to only 32 per cent who said that it is to be well-known.

Singaporeans must remain open to foreigners, says Heng Swee Keat

Singapore must not propagate the notion that only people exactly like us are our people.

Younger women in Singapore tend to spend more on travel and fashion as their careers become established: UOB study

The more established a Singaporean woman is in her career, the more she spends on travel and fashion.

Singapore is the safest Asian country for women to live in, study finds – here’s why

The worst performers on the list are the Philippines, Indonesia and India.

Parliament: Merdeka Generation to start getting benefits from July

They will get a $200 top-up every year until 2023.

Parliament: Free opt-in cervical cancer vaccine for Sec 1 girls from this year

HPV strains which primarily cause cervical cancer, but can also cause vulva, vaginal and anal cancers.

Concerns about cyber attacks, job insecurity eroded trust in Government and NGOs: Report

There was modest increase in trust among people in Singapore in the four institutions of businesses, NGOs, government and the media.