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StarHub has a S$8 service for SIM-only users that’ll replace a broken phone within 4 hours – even if it was bought elsewhere

Under the new plan, a S$1,500 phone can be replaced at just S$170 - with free delivery.

Singtel just beat M1 for fastest upload speed among all telcos here: Report

Singtel had the fastest upload and download speed, and best 4G availability.

5G is coming to Singapore in 2020, but your mobile experience could actually decline, Opensignal says

5G is coming to Singapore in 2020, but user mobile experience could actually stagnate or even worsen if telcos choose to focus on price competition instead of quality, Opensignal said.

No Google apps, but more than 200 people still queued up to get Huawei’s Mate 30 phones at the Singapore launch

The first person in line queued up 11 hours just to buy a phone for his wife.

StarHub’s peak 4G speed in the first half of 2019 beat Singtel and M1 by a mile, IMDA report shows

StarHub's highest 4G peak speed was 1.6 times faster than Singtel's and a whopping 2.8 times faster than M1's.

After letting just 200 people in, Huawei is finally releasing more Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro units in Singapore

Only 500 people will get to buy a Huawei Mate 30 or Huawei Mate 30 Pro at the launch event at Somerset.

Up to four 5G networks planned for Singapore: Four things to know about the move

As there are limited 5G airwaves for islandwide reach, there will only be two nationwide networks in Singapore.

Up to four 5G networks being planned to secure Singapore’s digital future

5G promises 20 times faster surfing speeds than what 4G networks offer and the ability to connect 1,000 times more devices.

M1 is working on a S$24 million testbed to improve road safety – and a 5G network for hot pot restaurant Haidilao customers

Customers at Haidilao's new Marina Square restaurant will get to play virtual and augmented reality games in a special "5G experience corner".