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PHOTOS: I saw a prototype of Singapore’s first air taxi planned for 2024 – and it looks like something straight out of the future

MRT breakdown and traffic jam getting to you? You may soon be able to fly to your next appointment via air taxi.

Malaysia says it will uphold RTS link deadline this time, with a decision by Oct 31

Over 300,000 Malaysians commute daily to Singapore using the two Johor land links.

New ride-hailing services have cut fares and boosted over half of drivers’ earnings: NUS study

The average daily ride-hailing fare has fallen by 11 per cent for commuters, while 55 per cent of drivers have reported an increase in earnings.

Malaysia and Singapore agree to extend RTS link deadline again – and netizens are not happy about it

The construction of the  Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) has been delayed by another month.

Finally – you’ll be able to walk or cycle to Changi Airport by 2026

These developments will complement 4 upcoming stations on the Cross Island Line.

Woman tried to pry open MRT doors with hands after causing platform doors to retract: SBS Transit

The staff member managed to open the doors for her to board by activating an emergency device.

SMRT Trains’ losses soar to $155m on higher operating costs

SMRT's losses hit $155 million - almost double from a year ago.