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SMRT Trains’ losses soar to $155m on higher operating costs

SMRT's losses hit $155 million - almost double from a year ago.

90% of Singaporeans say in-car cameras can protect drivers and passengers – and most who agree think they should record both audio and video

64% of Singaporeans agreed that taxis, private hire cars and limousines should be allowed to install in-vehicle cameras.

Gardens are being planted on top of Singapore’s public buses – here’s how they could help save the environment

The soil-less moving garden will be studied for three months to determine if bus operators can save on fuel consumption used for air-conditioning by reducing the interior temperatures of buses.

An unofficially revamped Singapore MRT map is so good that even the LTA’s interest is piqued

The creator of the unofficial MRT map says he is now meeting the LTA, who have also planned a new MRT map for later this year.