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Singapore is ranked the best place in the world for expats, and after visiting I can understand why

When I visited Singapore in May, I expected it to be wildy expensive. I found that, while renting an apartment is costly, the city is full of cheap, delicious food, efficient public transportation, top-notch museums, a budding nightlife scene, and beautiful parks.

Suicide is the main cause of death for millennials in Singapore – and most of them are men

In particular, men accounted for roughly 70% of suicide deaths over the past decade.

Japan beat out Singapore again in a ranking of the world’s most powerful passports

Japanese passport holders can now access 190 countries visa free – the most in the world.

Singapore refutes Oxfam report on its performance in tackling inequality

The Republic may not spend as much as other countries on healthcare and education, but the outcomes it achieves in these areas are significant, and better than most.

Agreement to suspend KL-Singapore high-speed rail project a fair arrangement, says Khaw Boon Wan

Mr Khaw told the House that there was no provision in the bilateral agreement for the deferment of the project.