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Singapore passport falls to second most powerful in the world as it loses out to Japan yet again

Singapore lost out to Japan by just one jurisdiction, with visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 190 destinations. 

Singaporeans are paying more than what they bargained for when booking trips online: Study

Out of the 524 consumers that were surveyed, 81% reported having to pay a higher price than advertised.

Singaporeans are being asked to avoid these 2 areas in Hong Kong

Protests are set to take place at the Hong Kong International Airport at 1pm on Friday, and at the Yuen Long area in the New Territories on Saturday.

Nearly 1 in 3 Singaporean holiday-goers encountered scams when booking trips online – and travel deals to Taiwan are the riskiest

Other popular holiday destinations targeted by fraudsters include London, Bali, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

There’s a new ‘flexible living’ space among Keong Saik’s shophouses – and it offers a room where you can sleep under the...

Occupants can watch the sunset and sleep under the stars in some of these rooms.

Singaporean travellers spent more on accommodation in 2018 – here are the 10 most popular destinations, and how much they paid to stay in each of them...

Out of all countries, Singaporean travellers spent the most on hotels in New York – at S$368 per night.

The baby allegedly dumped by a Singaporean couple in Taipei could have been alive at time of birth, reports say

If the baby is determined to have died after birth, the suspects involved could face murder-related charges.

8 in 10 couples in Asia have vacation disagreements, according to a Jetstar survey

What the majority argued over was where to go and what to do.

These are the most auspicious travel destinations based on your Chinese Zodiac, according to Expedia’s feng shui guide

Those born in the Year of the Pig should manage their social lives – and their increasing waistlines too, according to Expedia.