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Taylor Swift is headlining Amazon's Prime Day event.

Amazon’s Prime Day is looking more and more like Alibaba’s $30 billion Singles Day sales event

A star-studded concert and celebrities hawking product is making Amazon's Prime Day look a lot more like the Alibaba Single's day event in China.
Single people don't need a dedicated day to be aware of their status.

Why Singles Awareness Day shouldn’t exist

Singles Awareness Day is officially celebrated on February 15. Here's why the holiday is both unnecessary and rather sad.

As shoppers go wild on Black Friday, some Americans already stocked up during Alibaba’s massive $30.8 billion shopping bonanza

As the American holiday shopping season kicks off with Black Friday, the shadow of Alibaba's Singles Day still looms large.
Singles' Day is a shopping event unlike anything else in the world.

We went to Alibaba’s 24-hour shopping extravaganza that is like nothing in America, featuring a Mariah Carey performance and an online-shopping-...

Alibaba's Singles Day 2018, held on November 11, was the biggest online-shopping day of all time. Here is what it was like.
Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

Alibaba just had the biggest online shopping day of all time, nearly tripling every company’s 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined

Alibaba made e-commerce history on Sunday, with $30.8 billion in sales over the last 24 hours as part of the company's Singles' Day celebration.

Alibaba just eclipsed Amazon’s estimated Prime Day sales in less than 10 minutes

Alibaba's Singles' Day has already surpassed Amazon's biggest shopping day of the year, just a few minutes into the 24-hour shopping event.
Packages at Alibaba Singles Day shopping event

Alibaba slides ahead of its Singles Day shopping event

Alibaba, the largest e-commerce site in China, dropped 3% Friday as traders positioned themselves ahead of the company's Singles Day event.
Packages await delivery at an unnamed Chinese distribution center

For the love of goods, an ambitious Alibaba plans to double down on Singles’ Day this year

Alibaba will double down on Singles' Day in 2018 by making it twice as long and bigger than ever.
A journalist takes a picture of a screen showing real-time data of transactions at Alibaba Group's 11.11 Global shopping festival in Beijing, China, November 11, 2015.

Alibaba is slipping despite a record-setting Singles Day

Singles Day is the biggest day of the year for Alibaba, and the company sold a ton of products during the holiday.