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Vince Cable says the Liberal Democrats are ready for an autumn election as they surge in the polls

The Lib Dems expect to win at least 60 new seats at the next general election, as they prepare to welcome more MPs from other parties.
Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable

The Lib Dems are preparing for a snap general election if May’s Brexit deal falls

In an email sent to Lib Dem activists, party authorities say they have officially started preparing for an early general election.

Vince Cable declares Brexit ‘can and must be stopped’ in final conference speech

Sir Vince Cable fluffs a sex joke about the "exotic spresm" of Brexiteers during his keynote speech to the Liberal Democrats' annual autumn conference.

Vince Cable says Brexiteers like Jacob Rees-Mogg are having an ‘erotic spasm’ over leaving the EU

Speaking at the Liberal Democrat conference on Friday, Sir Vince Cable is set to call on Theresa May to display "true leadership" by holding a second referendum and facing down the hard Brexiteers who have an "erotic" obsession with leaving the EU.
Sir Vince Cable.

Vince Cable to make big announcement on September 7 amid resignation rumours

Sir Vince Cable will make a major speech on the future of the Liberal Democrats on Friday, September 7, senior party sources have told Business Insider. Other sources have suggested the speech will reveal his plan to resign by early 2019.
Sir Vince Cable.

Sir Vince Cable on saving the Lib Dems, staying fit and, why he missed a crucial Brexit vote

Exclusive: Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Vince Cable, reflects on the first year of his leadership in a wide-ranging interview.
Vince Cable and Justin Trudeau

How Justin Trudeau is helping Vince Cable transform the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have hired Justin Trudeau's elections guru to transform their fortunes.
Sir Vince Cable.

‘Breaking point’: The Lib Dems are falling apart as Cable fails to capitalise on Brexit

On Thursday the party suffered humiliation after falsely claiming European leaders had signed a declaration calling for a second referendum.

Who is Vince Cable? All you need to know about the new Lib Dem leader

A close look at the new leader of the Liberal Democrats and what he will bring to the party.

Vince Cable promises ‘exit from Brexit’ as he becomes new Liberal Democrat leader

The former Business Secretary says he will devote the Lib Dems to achieving "an exit from Brexit".