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Facebook fought to keep a trove of thousands of explosive internal documents and emails secret. They were just published online in full.

Facebook has fought vigorously against the release of the documents, arguing that they presented an unbalanced picture of the company.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The secret Facebook documents have just been published by British Parliament

British Parliament has published a cache of secret Facebook documents it obtained from Six4Three.
Damian Collins MP.

Sensitive Facebook documents were seized by British Parliament after the creator of a bikini app ‘panicked’

A court filing has revealed more details about how British lawmakers got their hands on sensitive Facebook documents last week.
British MP Damian Collins reportedly led the effort to seize the documents.

Facebook asks Parliament to keep quiet on internal documents seized following cat and mouse game

Facebook documents seized by Parliament were procured as part of the discovery process in a lawsuit brought against the company by Six4Three.