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An F-15E Strike Eagle assigned to the 494th Fighter Squadron conducts a high-speed pass over Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England.

A pair US F-15 fighter jets came close to taking out a couple of free-falling skydivers at nearly 350 mph

The skydivers, who were in freefall at 120 mph, caught the fighters on video passing beneath them at 345 mph, a UK air safety board reported.
The Parachutisme Adrénaline skydiving centre in Quebec where the woman dived from.

‘It’s a miracle’: A woman in Canada survived a 5,000-foot fall after her parachute failed during a skydive

A tree canopy broke the woman's fall in Trois-Rivières, but she hit them a speed of at least 37-miles-per-hour, Radio-Canada reported.
Two licensed skydivers collided midair in Ottowa, Illinois on Tuesday.

2 skydivers are doing ‘fine’ after a mid-air collision that left 1 of them unconscious

One of the skydivers was knocked unconscious, but his parachute deployed, allowing him to land safely, according to CBS Chicago.

A skydiving plane that crashed in Hawaii, killing all 11 people on board, was previously involved in another frightening incident

All 11 people on board died on Friday after a skydiving plane became inverted before crashing shortly after takeoff on Oahu’s North Shore.
A plume of smoke rises after an airplane crash, seen from Kaiaka Bay Beach Park, in Haleiwa, Hawaii, U.S., June 21, 2019 in this image obtained from social media.

9 reportedly killed in Hawaiian skydiving plane crash during ‘sunset tandem’ excursion

Nine people, including 6 crew members and 3 passengers, died near Oahu when a small skydiving plane crashed during a "sunset tandem" excursion.

Skydivers honor President George H.W. Bush by forming the number ’41’ in a touching tribute

The 41st president, who served as a fighter pilot in World War II, was known for his love of skydiving.
Alex and Duke.

This dog loves to skydive and is well on his way to getting his own license

Duke, along with his human, Alex Coker, has jumped out of a plane four times. Only 21 more jumps and he'll get his own honorary skydiving license.

2 Brazilian parachutists pulled off an illegal jump from Sao Paulo’s 2nd-tallest building

The pair enjoyed dinner and a bottle of wine at the building's restaurant before the plunged from its roof.

A skydiver jumped out of a plane 5 miles up without a parachute and successfully landed in a net

Luke Aikins became the first person to ever skydive from an airplane without a parachute or wingsuit and successfully land back on the ground.