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Guests enjoy the 142nd Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on May 7, 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Why no one can agree where the South really is

The South is the fastest growing region in the United States, but not everyone agrees on where the South actually is. Experts are often at odds with public perception when it comes to states like Texas, Missouri, Maryland, and Delaware.
North Koreans work as manual labourers abroad to raise money for Kim Jong Un's regime.

North Korean slaves found working abroad where they ‘give up being human’ to prop up Kim Jong Un’s life of luxury

Undercover BBC journalists spoke to North Koreans working as manual labourers in Poland and Russia.
Theresa May accused of trying to bury bad news.

All the bad news Theresa May’s government just tried to bury

It's 'take out the trash day' in Parliament as MPs head away for the Easter recess.

Theresa May accuses Facebook of helping terrorists, child abusers, and slave traders

The prime minister will tell tech investors to "put pressure" on social media companies to crack down on extremist content on their networks.
Edelia Carthan stands in silent protest against the confederate flag in December 2017.

Mississippi could become the first US state to have 2 official flags because of a dispute over the Confederacy

A bill in the Mississippi House proposes a two-flag solution to the state's debate over the use of a Confederate symbol in its current flag.

Roy Moore once called for eliminating 17 amendments — including the ones that allow women and black people to vote

Removing everything after the first 10 amendments would "eliminate many problems" for the US government, Moore said in 2011.
Footage captured by CNN of a slave auction near Tripoli, Libya, and annotated by Business Insider.

Humans are reportedly being sold as slaves for $400 each on the front line of the migrant crisis

A CNN investigation found evidence of two slave auctions in Libya, where men who hoped to find new lives in Europe were instead turned into "merchandise."

The UK is now home to hundreds of human traffickers — and business is booming

"Crime gangs have realised that, whilst you while you can sell drugs once... you can repeatedly exploit people."

Georgetown University is giving priority admission to the descendants of slaves it sold to fund the school

Georgetown University will award preferential status in the application process to descendants of slaves whose labor benefitted the university.