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I slept with this $70 memory foam body pillow for 60 nights, and my back has never felt more supported

As someone with a history of lower back pain, I'm always trying new body pillows in the hopes of waking up pain-free. This $70 Snuggle-Pedic shredded foam body pillow is helping me optimize my nights sleep and relieve my back pain.

I sleep on an adjustable bed frame that has a massage function and a zero gravity setting — and yes, it’s a game changer

With the Nectar adjustable bed frame, you don't have to lie entirely horizontally when you lie down to go to bed. This new bed frame lets you to decide your preferred sleeping angle.

This $86 weighted blanket has hugely impacted the quality of my sleep — here’s why it’s worth the internet hype

The YnM Weighted Blanket is cheaper than others, big enough for a bed rather than just a personal blanket, and compact enough to be unobtrusive on your bed. Most importantly, it did seem to improve the quality of my sleep.

I spent 2 weeks traveling Europe by bus and this hooded neck pillow was a lifesaver for helping me get enough sleep

This travel pillow with an attached hood that can go over your eyes has made all the difference on long bus and plane rides.
The comfort of your sleep will also be boosted by the fact that the SleepOvation mattress does not sleep hot at all.

A new mattress combines ‘700 tiny mattresses in one’ for better support — I slept on it and noticed less lower back aching

Why have one mattress when you can have 700 mattresses? Well, not really 700 mattresses, but one mattress comprising hundreds of cushions designed to adjust to your body. That's what the SleepOvation mattress is attempting to do with their unique cushion pocket spring technology.
The DreamCloud mattress comes in at 15 inches, which is notably thicker than the other options on the market.

Not all beds in boxes were created equal, and here to prove that is the DreamCloud — I slept on the mattress and loved it

The DreamCloud is the luxury mattress you and your insomnia have been waiting for. This mattress is nothing like the foam-only options that you've seen from rival companies in the past.
The Equinox Comforter.

I tried this best-selling $31 comforter from Amazon that seemed too good to be true — and it’s actually way better than I expected

The Equinox down comforter is a steal for its quality and as multiple reviewers note, something that even rivals the $200+ competitors that they've tried.
Learning your chronotype can help you improve your health, happiness, and productivity.

A sleep doctor says knowing whether you’re a ‘lion,’ ‘dolphin,’ ‘wolf,’ or ‘bear’ can drasticall...

The sleep doctor Michael Breus says there are four chronotypes, each with an ideal daily routine. Learn yours to boost your productivity.

I tried Buffy, a popular down-alternative comforter made of recycled plastic bottles — and it was super effective at regulating temperature

Buffy is a new online comforter startup making eco-friendly comforters with all of the comforts of your regular comforter.

This $70 shredded memory foam body pillow has kept me cool and comfortable for 60 nights

Coop Home Goods makes an amazing shredded memory foam body pillow that helps me sleep better at night. Read our full review.