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Air conditioning is a wonderful luxury, but you don't need AC to get a good night's sleep.

Here’s how to sleep well on a hot summer night if you don’t have air conditioning

Hot summer nights can make it difficult to take a snooze, but there are some ways to cool down without AC.
Mark Zuckerberg invented a glowing box to help his wife, Priscilla Chan, sleep.

A product based on Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘sleep box’ invention has raised $100,000 on Kickstarter

In his original Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg encouraged entrepreneurs to take his 'sleep box' idea and run with it.
Use the promo code MEMORIAL19 to save 10% on your Casper mattress order this Memorial Day.

Casper is running a 48-hour sale during Prime Day — save 15% on any order with a mattress through July 16

Casper is running a competing Prime Day mattress sale. Until July 16, get 15% off any order with a mattress with the promo code SIZZLE.

Tuft & Needle is running a Prime Day deal on its popular mattresses — take 20% off on Amazon today only

Tuft & Needle's Original Mattress and Nod Mattress are 20% off. This Prime Day, you won't find a better intersection of quality, comfort, and price.

This $86 weighted blanket has hugely impacted the quality of my sleep — here’s why it’s worth the internet hype

The YnM Weighted Blanket is cheaper than others. Most importantly, it did seem to improve the quality of my sleep.

The sleeping habits of the 2020 Democratic candidates raise some serious red flags

The 2020 Democratic candidates don't sleep nearly enough and it could hurt their health, campaigns, and even the country they're trying to lead.
The Apple Watch

I tried tracking my sleep using 3 free Apple Watch apps — and there was a clear winner

The Apple Watch doesn't track your sleep natively yet, but there several apps that can. Here's a look at some of the best free sleep tracking apps.

Tuft & Needle’s newest mattress is a more supportive and breathable upgrade from its original — I’ve been sleeping on it for 3 ...

Tuft & Needle's Mint Mattress improves on the popular original mattress by adding more support, breathability, and coziness throughout.

13 startups that make daily rituals like brushing your teeth and taking vitamins more enjoyable

Online startups are great at tapping into the human tendency towards consistency, comfort, and ritual.
"Nappers" get sleepy in the afternoon, but have a second burst of energy in the evening.

Scientists say there may be 6 types of sleepers, from ‘night owls’ to ‘woodcocks.’ Here’s how to find which one you are....

"Afternooners" are sleepy both in the morning and in the evening, and "nappers" are alert in the morning and the evening but sleepy in the afternoon.