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27 surprising things that affect whether you get hired

When deciding whether to hire a job candidate, interviewers take into account (sometimes subconsciously) everything from the weather on the day of the interview to what the candidate does with their hands.
A lucky accident for Pfizer.

18 accidental and unintended scientific discoveries that changed the world

Sometimes, these discoveries are the result of a true accident, but often they are the result of someone realizing a material can be used in a new way.
Jordan Michelle vapes a CBD oil made from hemp at the Cannabis World Congress Conference.

23 health benefits of marijuana

From promoting appetite in chemo patients to potentially protecting the brain from trauma caused by a concussion, there are plenty of medical marijuana uses.

12 rich, powerful people share their surprising definitions of success

Some of the world's most powerful people explain what success means to them. Spoiler alert: No one said money, power, or fame.

The most decorated winter Olympians of all time

These athletes have succeeded time and time again, even when competing against the world's best.

Look how primitive your favorite iPhone apps used to be

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram look pretty different today than when they first launched.
Business Insider US editor in chief Alyson Shontell interviews PayPal cofounder Max Levchin for our podcast "Success! How I Did It."

20 podcasts that will make you smarter

Here are the best podcasts teaching us right now, from "The Tim Ferriss Show" to "Radiolab."

12 tricks to stay awake and alert without coffee

Make it through the day without falling asleep at your desk — or consuming dangerous doses of caffeine.

Niger is the most amazing country I never expected to visit

Hippos, history, dust storms, and a few surprises in a landlocked West African nation.