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I installed this $160 smart lock on my front door, and now letting in our Airbnb guests is a snap

If you have regular houseguests, then a smart lock is a must. There are many options, but the Schlage Connect is a great place to start.

19 of the coolest things your Google Home can do

Whether you have the original Google Home, the tiny Google Home Mini, or the extra-large Google Home Max, the device has several hidden tricks.

This smart thermostat can automatically adjust your home’s temperature to lower your energy bill — and it’s $40 cheaper today only

The Ecobee4 smart thermostat is $40 cheaper than usual today in honor of Amazon Alexa's fourth birthday.

You can make Alexa whisper to you on your Amazon Echo, and it’s just as weird as you’d expect — here’s how to enable ‘wh...

Amazon has rolled out a new feature that lets Alexa whisper back to you. It's one of the efforts Amazon is taking to make Alexa more conversational.

Here’s how Google’s new $150 Home Hub compares to the Amazon Echo Show

The latest generation of smart home devices from Google and Amazon have displays that allow you to see, rather than just hear, your commands. Here's how the Amazon Echo Show and Google Home Hub compare.

Over a million people asked Amazon’s Alexa to marry them in 2017 and it turned them all down

Winning over your virtual voice assistant is apparently a competitive field. But spoiler alert: your AI-powered Amazon Alexa device is probably going to reject your proposal no matter how hard you try to win her over.
Google's new hardware range.

The 11 coolest announcements Google made at its biggest product event of the year

Google made dozens of announcements in its 75-minute event to unveil its Pixel 3 smartphone, but a handful of "wow" moments stole the show.

Google introduces the Home Hub, a $150 speaker with a screen to take on Amazon’s Echo Show

Google revealed the Google Home Hub, a smart speaker with a screen so it can show you search results, YouTube videos, and controls for your smart home gear.

Amazon revamped its most powerful Echo, the $150 Echo Plus — here’s how it compares to the old version

Amazon unveiled a brand-new Echo Plus last month, a redesigned version of the $150 smart speaker it introduced last year. The new Echo Plus has better sound and a new feature that lets you use the device when your power goes out.