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19 of the coolest things your Google Home can do

Google Home can do a lot more than tell you the weather. Whether you have the original Google Home, the tiny Google Home Mini, or the extra-large Google Home Max, the device has several hidden tricks that will make your life easier.

The new Roomba costs almost $1,000, works with Amazon’s Alexa, and can empty its own dust bin up to 30 times so you only need to clean it once a...

iRobot's new home-cleaning robot comes with a self-cleaning base and dust bin that automatically empties the Roomba, preparing it for the next cleaning session. It also can automatically map and section off your home.

Here are some of the funniest moments people’s smart homes and cameras have captured — sometimes accidentally

Smart homes are meant to give us more control over the places we live, and sometimes keep us safe. However, they don't always work as planned — which results in some pretty funny notifications.

I’ve been living in a smart home for 2 years — and I probably will for the rest of my life

It's not as complicated or expensive as it sounds, and you can even update older homes easily.
The smart homes of rich people are shockingly advanced.

A look inside the amazing smart-home systems that rich people use

Rich people love spending money on smart-home tech. Oprah Winfrey has a radiant heat system that melts snow off of her home's driveway, while Mark Zuckerberg's custom AI-powered app acts as his own personal butler voiced by actor Morgan Freeman. Here are the smart home systems that rich people use.

This leaked photo reveals what could be a new Amazon Echo coming soon

The photos allegedly show an unreleased Amazon Echo Dot, with changes supposedly made to its design and sound quality.

Here’s why I fell in love with Amazon’s $150 Echo Show smart speaker and how it helped me organize my life

I used to mock the Echo Show, not knowing why I would ever need my Echo to have a screen, but in certain ways it's the perfect smart home device — as long as it's not sound quality you're after.

Amazon is bringing its Echo devices to hotel rooms across the country, starting with Marriott

Thanks to a new program called Alexa for Hospitality, Amazon Echo devices will soon become available in hotels throughout the US. Guests will be able to use them to call the front desk, adjust the lights, and even check out of their room.
Orbital Systems founder Mehrdad Mahdjoubi

This founder created a $2,500 shower that never runs out of hot water, backed by former Tesla and Skype bigwigs

When you think of technology that came from NASA, maybe you think of orange flavored Tang, or freeze-dried food, or space blankets.But maybe not an endlessly hot shower with a full, high-pressure waterfall. Orbital Systems took NASA tech and turned it into an award-winning, water-purifying shower.

What it’s like to use Wyze Cam, the $20 home security camera trying to take on Amazon and Nest

Wyze Cam is the first product from a startup founded by former Amazon employees. It's a tiny indoor security camera that's easy to set up, captures high-definition video, and can be mounted wherever you like. Plus, it only costs $20.