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Singapore has a national AI strategy that will ‘transform’ the country by 2030 – here are the 5 major plans underway

In 2020, an automated marking system will be launched to assess questions and essays and provide quick feedback on the student's work.

IMDA is reviewing its rules on display panels, which are increasingly common in public places such as HDB estates

HDB said today that commercial advertisements on its 6,000 display panels will be capped at 30% of total screen time.

Singapore, Japan and Korea are the 3 Asian countries with the most ‘soft power’, report finds

Major cultural events, like the success of Crazy Rich Asians, helped to push up Singapore's international visibility.

Over 9 in 10 Singapore employers have trouble hiring talent who can cope with new technologies

Singaporean employers find difficulty in hiring staff that can cope with evolving technologies.

Singapore is the most sustainable Asian city, 4th in the world: Arcadis

Singapore has topped the charts yet again, but of course, nothing is perfect.

Watch Singapore transform into a ‘Smart City’ in a new video series

The pilot episode, "Smart Commute", explored Singapore's hope of moving towards a more user-centric and efficient transportation system in the future.

Singapore businesses will be able to use and accept PayNow in 2018

Businesses will be able t...